Starter motor qualities

Hallo forum…

I´m in the market for at new starter motor for my x30.
I´m only a hobby club driver , so no high levels at all. But is there any difference in quality between a very expensive “original” iame starter motor, and a universal starter motor ??

Like these twos
Original iame : Original Starter Iame on Offer - Buy Now on Mondokart

universal starter motor : Economic Universal Starter on Offer - Buy Now on Mondokart

I mean, one is 164 euro and the other only 30 euro. Thats a huge difference in price. Is the original so much better ?

Also mondokart, meantionen that MITSUBA starter motor, is the best one, and the original iame motor, is a mitsuba motor. And the mitsuba motor on the site cost 107 euro : Universal Starter Mitsuba high quality on Offer - Buy Now on Mondokart