Starter racing suit for 12 year old Grandson?

Looking for a starter racing suit for my 12 year old grandson. He is going for some L206 test sessions this year. Trying not to break the bank for his first suit ?? Or just pants he hates jeans … Any Help ???

Sparco Kerb is a great value

Sub 300 with very high quality.

Also, consider talking to @NikG or @Paul_Montopoli because they both offer custom suits for slightly more.

A thought: rental stuff outdoors usually requires a suit.
Indoors, not. Racing suits are a pain in the tuckus imho and any opportunity to not have to wear one is welcomed. Usually indoors is fine with jeans/sweats.

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The folks with Driven are actually involved with and supporting the sport of karting. They have a couple national level drivers they supported, one of the partners drove TSRS last year, and they are genuinely good people. I much prefer putting my money behind genuinely good people that are supporting what we love to do!


omp is a decent choice as Chuck says , i love them when i see them on racetracks . nice fit also .

I think you mean @NikG lol.

But for the original poster. I’m pretty sure K1 Racegear and Zamp are the cheapest safe options. More expensive are Sparco, OMP, Alpinestars and others. Most expensive are the customised suits, also Sparco, OMP and including Freem, Torq and M2 (which is me). I just noticed Alpinestars have a cheap “indoor” suit which might work for you too.

yes thats what I meant, my apologies! You used to be the only Nik so I got lazy.

Used may be another good option. I would rather see someone I good quality used suit than no suit or low quality suit.
Like most safety equipment it doesn’t seem like a bug deal until you need it. Then it is priceless.

My son has had several sizes of this:

Reasonable price and durable.