Starter Wheel locking tool for IAME

I am looking for some input/experience with a starter wheel locking tool for IAME KA100. An older version is IAME part number S884. A newer part number is ATT.037 is listed for KA but are these tools the same or have they changed?

I have the new one (att.037)

I’ve got a X30 but it fits mine just fine. I believe they just changed the item number. I believe that the x30 and KA are the same lock as that’s the one I bought a while ago when I switched over.

The same tool is listed for both KA and X30. I am trying to compare to the old part number and determine if the part and number changed or just the number.

If Karting manufacturers are like Automotive manufacturers, it could just mean the change in part number is simply a change in the Supplier. It has to to do with Accounting and Inventory Management. Usually the part is the same unless an improvement has been made, but both serve the same function and form.

I acquired the older part number tool and it did not fit properly in the starter bendix housing, so they are different. However, with a little work on the bench grinder, the old part now fits like it should and does the job satisfactorily.

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