Starting a new project, would like some opinions

So I’ve been doing data analysis work for the past couple years, and starting to work on some tuning as well this year. I decided to “officially” start a service for it and was wondering what people would like in a driver services package.

As of right now, my primary focus is driver coaching, with the ability to tune as well. I also began working on some social media work for a team to do some race weekend stuff at a couple race weekends.

What else would you like to have in a weekend package, or what would you feel like wouldn’t be very necessary to help out with?

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Chair message. I’m not kidding either.

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Chair message???

chair massage maybe?

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Ah, chair massage. I would need to hire someone that actually knew how to give a massage, my hands are about as soft as a Tec-Pro barrier. I might know someone that can get that done though.

Yes chair message. Since the tires are already talking to the driver, it wouldn’t be fair for the chair to be silent.


Does the chair do emails? Or is it more old school, like a carrier pigeon? Do you have the chair’s phone number by chance?

Hey, James is not kidding either :wink:

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Aaron: here’s what I’d want:

Someone who knows what their doing helping me navigate from grid to flag…

  1. Storage and transport of kart: also prep for race weekend. Check kart mechanicals, adjust gearing, setup etc.

  2. In tent as day goes along: Halp! I can’t turn, halp my engine fell off… what pressures should I run etc… Basically someone to work miracles between heats.

  3. Coaching stuff would be nice too.

Admittedly some of that is outside the scope of what you are thinking about.

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So for an end objective, that’s pretty much it. I’d love to be able to support drivers with everything like that: transport and storage as needed, parts and equipment supplier, pretty much everything a driver would need at the track. Being a broke college student however the funding to get all that set up right now isn’t very feasible.

The tent support is pretty much what I’d be going for, working with the driver to get the best set up kart for them or even helping them to get the feedback they need to get the kart set up correctly, which would come into the coaching aspect as well.

Coaching is more of my proficiency right now but I understand enough of tuning at this point that I believe I could get by with helping another driver adjust their kart.

So over the past few race weekends Jerry hired Raif Shah and Adam Rylance to work for him in his tent supporting Jerry and us (team). They are guys probably in your wheel house age-wise and the like. I really enjoyed their help.

It was really great in that a) they knew our circuits well (having raced them for years) and had really helpful things to suggest in regards to setup, the track etc.

I think that alone is valuable. But to the noob in me, I also value the general “keep em running” services.

Maybe you just charge a day rate like I dunno, 250 bucks. What you probably don’t have yet is a dually and a massive trailer full of parts. So you’ll probably be buying parts and the like from one of the established tent programs for now?

Basically, help a new racer through the day. We learn by osmosis. Guys like me will happily pay a day rate for you to hold my hand. Your experience is valuable!
You could offer coaching too, either as a part of this day service or maybe as an add on of sorts.

To clarify, the day rate is not what I spend. In reality it’s 250 plus tires, parts, fuel etc. maybe you could work something out longer term with the Manus that have a strong presence in your area and become a dealer. I buy my karts through my guy because he’s a dealer and because he can source used stuff too.

Some tent “partially” and do the work themselves mostly but Jerry is there to lend a hand. Some folks need less than me.

If you are able to add value, your program will grow and before you know it, you’ve got a tent full of folks and it’s sorta like a team! I certainly consider myself “team Jerry’s tent”.

You’ll likely run into Adam at some point as he literally just moved to Co. Say hi for me!

Anyways, I bet there’s a bunch of ways to offer valuable services. I’m just sharing what I have experienced and found valuable.

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So essentially I probably would be operating as a contractor that just comes out to a privateers tent space to help them out. I would naturally push them toward the team that I race with for parts and the like but I would work with whatever they have and leave parts up to whomever they would like to support.

$250 sounds about right with what I’ve been doing. I charge my current clients $150 for just coaching, so another $100 for tuning as well would work out. Keep in mind this is for a 3 day weekend and not one day.

I’ve been thinking about trying to get something figured out with the manufacturers I’ve worked with in the past few years and see if they possibly had something I could set up while I go to school in Indianapolis. Side note, I’m from Wisconsin near Milwaukee hahah. I think you’re thinking of @Eric_Gunderson1 that’s from Colorado.

Your input is definitely appreciated though! Certainly helping me get an idea of what direction to go in as time goes on.

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My first thought is that appears low but I suppose it depends on where you are at with this. If you are building clients and a name for yourself, maybe it’s worth it.
That being said, I suspect this kind of thing grows in scope if you really like it and are good at it.

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I literally started this project a week ago today hahah. No current clients other than the ones I’ve been working with, so I’m just trying to get my name out right now and see what’s available for opportunities.

Good luck with it. Seems like a fun job.

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