Starting advice - France

Hi, thanks for accepting me into this forum. I would really appreciate any advice.

I currently live in france and I am looking to buy my first kart as there is a track 10 mins from me and you can take along your own kart.

Please can anyone advise on a good starter kart and what I need to look out for when purchasing second hand.

I am 1.75cm and 14stone

I have seen a 2017 Subaru 211cc kart and going to view at the weekend

Thanks in advance

Does the track have a shop or service area? Have you inquired about buying a kart there? They might sell them but also probably know of people to talk to about getting a kart. You’d want something that has parts and service available at the facility.

If you ultimately plan on racing in their events, you’d want to know what engine choices you have.

What facility will you be going to?