Starting Fluid

Starting fluid doesn’t have any oil dissolved in it, so it’s clearly not meant to start a two stroke engine.

However, listening to people grind away on the starters of pumper-carb equipped engines for sixty seconds in the morning (three minutes if they don’t bleed the line) without hearing any fuel/oil mix going to the engine makes me wonder whether it’s not the better option. Spectators who hold onto the front of your kart while you rope through your SSE 175 twenty times generally learn that they should make themselves scarce when you’ve gotten your kart on the stand.

Do you carry around a can of the old “Oklahoma Choke” to get the engine started in the morning?

No, I never carry it. Very bad idea. If it doesn’t start after proper priming, there’s a problem that you should address.

Since you mentioned it, the 175 on a dellorto carb has 0 problems. On the membrane carb yes it’s temperamental when cold, but it’s not that bad…KZ takes 1 or 2 pulls, the SSE maybe 4/5 when cold? Hardly enough to justify starter fluid in my opinion.

4 stroke is different though

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I don’t use it (strict team rules on fuel and chemicals - we don’t use anything we don’t sell, we don’t sell anything we don’t use!) but I’m interested to know whether anyone else has.

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For starting, no. For cleaning, yes.

2-strokes are simple. If it isn’t starting then you are missing fuel, air, or spark. Not hard to troubleshoot.

When I was starting out I used a spray bottle with mixed fuel in it instead. Ether seemed to be pretty harsh.