Starting issue iame x30

Hello everyone, I have a problem starting my Kart. Assuming that I have the starter motor and battery in good condition. When I turn the key, only the noise of the electric motor sounds, and it gives me the feeling that the Bendix is ​​failing, what do you think?

Something is definatly not right. It looks like it is somewhat engaging as the crank is turning but not turning enough to start. The sound it is making doesn’t seem right either. Will it start with an external starter?

First, the cover that supports the Bendix is missing. Verify the battery measures above 12.4 volts and reinstall the support for the Bendix. Then another video of how the engine starts.

Sounds like the gear on the starter , that engage to the Bendix is worn out, or it could be because you have the cover of, so the gears is not aligned. Also there is a little roller bearing that hold the Bendix in place, that could be defective

@Tony_Z Is 12,4v a turning point ? I’m asking because I use a 3s lipo battery on mine, and fully charged it’s 12,6 v, so after a little use, the voltage would be around 12v

I took the lid off the bendix so you can see how it does in the video, it actually does the same thing. I tried connecting a car jump starter to discard the battery and it did exactly the same. The last day I went to the circuit I was able to ride normally but it already made this mistake sometime, now it always does. I guess I have to disassemble the bendix and see what happens right? thanks for the answers :+1:t3:

The Bendix gear should not be engaged with the flywheel gear when it is at rest. When the starter spins, it pushed the Bendix gear into contact and when the motor starts the speed at which it spins the Bendix kicks it down again. Sounds like something inside the Bendix broke and is not translating the starters rotation through it. Not sure they are rebuildable, you may just have to replace it.