Starting Kart Racing In Australia (Aussie checkin topic)

Don’t know about Australia but you can do a very well sorted 4 stroke for 3k. You could probably do a 100cc 2 stroke for that kind of money too, particularly an older engine like the Yamaha kt100. You might be able to put together a 125cc tag kart with an older engine like a leopard or older rotax for under 4. An x30 or the latest iteration of the rotax will run you 5-6 used for a very solid setup.

Kart and engine package
Phoenix Stealth 28/30, built for clubman or J racing
TAG 100 Engine electric start (MG Engines)

Will separate Kart and engine if required: (Kart $900 rolling chassis, Engine $900 complete with electrics, exhaust, header, airbox, battery)

image imageimage

Advertisement that is in a perfect location but I don’t really know about the product. What do you think? Unless there are any obvious red flags I could be able to have a close up inspection at some point I’d have to see. Otherwise I was just thinking of taking the chassis only if it was the right kind.

Hmm. That engine and chassis are Greek to me. Someone who knows this stuff will have to sound off. Certainly fits within budget and doesn’t look bad. How old is the chassis and how does the bottom look from a wear perspective? Check the joints around engine mount for cracks (can be welded).

Alright, even to me it does look unfamiliar but the seller wrote a comment
“After my son finished with it, I raced it in TAG100 very successfully, winning many class championships and CQ Titles!”
Which sounds pretty promising even if its not a well known brand
I have sent a message I’ll let you know what he says.

Anyone feel free to give your opinion/advice on it.

Ok if it’s a brand that isn’t common then it’s going to be a pain getting parts.
You want to be able to go to the guy with the big trailer at the track and get parts on the fly.
Go with brand that parts will be on hand for.

Phoenix are a chassis made by Col Fink from Kartbook fame i think. They are not made now as far as I know.
From memory they use Arrow components, so should not be hard to find parts. They were a good chassis but getting close to ten years old now i would think.
EVERY Kart has won the state titles at sale time… lol

MG is a well know engine builder. Mick Gollan Engines.

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Alright, I will see what people are running at my track and talk to my local dealers and see what they sell, but I will also have a look for a different chassis to replace maybe if its that old.

Good to know about the engine! What class would that fit into though/would I be able to use it? Sorry if its a dumb question.

That’s so inexpensive it’s hard to argue with. You certainly don’t want to have a wierd brand that you can’t get parts for, however. If the folks in your neck of the woods can source arrow parts for it, great.
The problem is budget. Ideally you want a chassis that is commonly used at the tracks you go to and that is 5 years or less old.
What’s mom and dad’s take on all this? Have you had serious budget discussion with them around this?

I am getting more info from the seller tomorrow I asked all about the kart and chassis and engine.

And about my parents, I haven’t been able to have a real sit down discussion with them as of yet, and honestly unless I have a full plan and all the information possible, they don’t want to hear it. I have gone through this whole budgeting process with them before (with other things) and I am doing my best to kind of adhere to what they’ve agreed to in the past, right now if I can get everything needed for under $4000 and propose that first then they’d be more open to a real discussion. (With the kart for $1600 and a trolley I’m at $3700 in total which is really good I think.)

I know that seems a bit counter-intuitive but It’s just the way I gotta do things, I will be able to split the initial cost most likely, and also I’m hoping to get a job some time soon, which would mean most of the monthly-based costs would be out of the way.

I’d steer clear of clubman engines mate. They are cheap for a reason… you can’t race them anywhere so everyones trying to offload old outdated surplus crap! To the best of my knowledge they don’t have a class in any KA clubs. Maybe independant clubs like Mackay and Toowoomba but thats it?

And LO206 isnt a thing in Aus, nor 4 strokes in general. There is talk of it coming (and a class has been created) but it will be a while before you have anyone to far its been a few demo’s here and there but mostly it!s a flop.

Stick to your guns and get a KA100 imo. You can pick up an Arrow X2 or similar with motor for 3k and never need worry about finding parts.

Also, as a Parent, I’d prefer if my child came at me with a budget that says “we may be shooting a bit low at 4K. It can be done but… we run the risk of having to spend that 1800 and another 1200 again in 12 months as we discover what’s actually need and feasible…”
If you are going to cut corners do it on the stuff that doesn’t matter. Buy used race gear, for example. Maybe get an inexpensive helmet like a bell qualifier. Heck if you fit into adult small or adult medium, my son has 2 suits hes outgrown. You can have one if you sort out the rest.

You are a very industrious young man, Your parents are proud of you. You develop a proposal to present and on the incentive side tell Dad, you pay x amount each month on Car washes, lawn care, garage needs cleaning, Mom needs this or that and see if you can present bodering methods with them where they obtain some reliefs from things you can do for them and there savings can be slated for Karting expenses. Bothering with neighbors to do the same will show your parents some real initiative to create possibilities and you will get more buy in from them. I know it’s rough and hang in there and maybe joining a team would resolve your problems for the team Handel’s everything and you show up race weekend? Good Luck and DO NOT BUY CHEAP KARTING PARTS AND SUCH, YOU ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY SPENT AND THEN SOME! :wolf:Scout the Silver Fox, what you think of the name, trying it out, I am an old man recapturing my youth and my Son is the one real serious, I am racing for fun. I like you is looking for the best setup I can afford. Try my advice you may just get surprised?

Well the Australians have spoken. Apparently you need a ka100 (which is a great choice as both a) appropriate power to learn on and b) top level racing that you can grow into. (There’s starting to be a lot of regional/National level events).
Time to mow some lawns or wrangle snake venom…

@MeLLeR I have been looking around and I haven’t any X2’s, I haven’t been able to get a response from my dealer but from facebook buy n sells I have only found one X3 I think. The rest are X4’s and 6’s but they are easily over 4G which is not that helpful. Another issue is there are barely any deals in my area for the buy n sell groups, and they are mainly pickup only. If a good enough deal came up, do you think hiring a delivery service would be wise?

@Bimodal_Rocket I am thinking about getting one of those (awfully sketchy) “Kart Packs” from ebay that contain like a suit, boots, gloves, balaclava and a bag, I won’t use the suit because I know they aren’t CIK-FIA certified but that would mean boots, gloves, balaclava all for $99. I reckon that would be a good start and I mean if you can ship the suit all the way to aus then sure, that would be amazing. I need to measure my size but adult small sounds about right. I have been and I’ll still be on the lookout for a KA100.

And I’ve held snakes on a few occasions, I mean it couldn’t be that bad right?

@Scout I recently completed painting the fences around my house and my mum (Dad is away) is really impressed by it, and I haven’t told my dad that I finished the fence so he is going to be quite surprised by it when he gets home, and my parents already said they are happy to pay me a lot for that, so I think that’ll count for a lot. When my dad comes home I’ll come to him with all this information I’ve gathered, and like what Dom said I’ll run through the logistics and what the best bet would be.

Team wise, I talked to a mate and he says that there are a couple of teams in the area but apparently they only run experienced drivers and the person I talked to has been racing for years and has placed in nationals a couple times, and even he hasn’t been ‘accepted’. I will do some more research myself about it and I’m pretty sure he means just sponsorship.

But I am certainly aiming to do that if that’s possible because I know that joining a team would help everything out a lot.

I looked at the Silver Fox club, (the name is super cool I reckon) They look like an awesome group of people, I hope all that works out for you!

Great job Son, Your Dad will be very happy with his new paint job on the fence! You are very industrious and Your Dad will be there for you. There may be a few lessions outside of KartingvHe may be driving at, remain open and all will work it’s self out. Have a Blessed and safe weekend :orthodox_cross::wolf:

Those suits are made in Pakistan or India and resold through a couple different sellers on eBay. Pretty much every article of inexpensive clothing is made in Pakistan these days (polo, etc).They are super inexpensive and probably are fine. That being said they aren’t CIK lvl 2 suits (they just say they are). See where you get with the big stuff first before buying the gear. In any case I can send you that suit if it fits. What height/weight are you?

You could check out DPE superstore. They were selling OMP suits for $50. Not sure if they still have any.

On the topic of some of the questionable offerings in the race suit realm…

Hopefully! And Thanks a lot that’s really kind! I meant to reply a while ago but I got busy but anyway my dad was really impressed with the fence.

Well then that saves me like $200 off the suit if I can use it, and overall like $400
I need to check my weight but I’m 172cm tall and about 53kg? I haven’t checked in a while, but If I’ll be able to use it it’s no drama.

I couldn’t get on the site they are re-designing I think but the ebay suit should be good.

That’s the exact topic I read! If I can get away with it at the start then that’s fine!

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Okay, so I have asked my dad to go play golf on Friday which is his favorite thing EVER and it allows us to have some quality time to talk, so I’m going to talk to him about it then and explain it all and I think that’s my best bet. (By the way one of my local dealers contacted me so there is the kart I’m looking at. Plus the final plan that I’ll present but suggest any changes.)