Starting Out in Karting Seattle WA Area

Also, once you get to the track on Sunday, I’ll introduce you to Doug Huggler, who runs Huggler Racing, and the pits I race out of.

He can also help you getting started.

On the conditioning bit, you don’t need big muscles or anything like that. What you will need is aerobic conditioning. That’s where karting gets you.

The way I like to think of it is, “Can I run/swim/bike for 15min at 85-90% of my max with the ability to draw 100% in bursts?”

Muscles are useful too, but the sport will build them for you. Problem is, if you are like me, you get to kart one weekend a month. So, to keep my gains from race weekends I also work in a bit of light weight/resistance training 3 days a week. Pushups, sit-ups and a few exercises with 15lb dumbbells. Maybe 20 mins total. Then 15 mins treadmill walking. That’s it.

I can go about 20mins full chuff now. Which is enough for any race.

Edit: there’s a lot of walking and lifting involved in karting too. Be sure to bring a foldable chair or two so you don’t have to be on your feet all day long. Pretty much anyone who does this on their own also has a pop up awning thing for shade. Hydration and shade are critical when you are participating in a race weekend.

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@Dom Thanks for the info on exercising. I have a ways to go and this is where I am really at. I have family who wants to get involved and I love the sport, so why not. I am way over weight to be competitive and I know this. I also am out of shape to the point I will have to work on many aspects.

I am a Mental Health Therapist and was assaulted physically by an inmate with a shank in both hands, threatening to kill. I really injured L-1 through L-5 have been damaged badly. So, I have another issue to overcome. I know I have the fortitude to do what is needed to be done if I am effectively motivated and I have that.

I have a burning inside to get competent and then let Err rip! I do not expect to race for a year or more and while I am physically doing my thing, I can gain track practice time and work on pointers other drivers can give me. I am determined on chasing you guys down and just maybe one day give you guys a good race, @Bimodal_Rocket, @DavinRS. :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::nerd_face::man_student:t4::footprints::spades::sparkles::dove::cowboy_hat_face::racing_car::dash::checkered_flag:

Interesting. A guy I worked with had the same issue. He was a prison guard and an inmate tried to strangle him to death. He, however, got sued by the inmate because he (the guard) had the gall to defend himself and came out of this with the upper hand. Ugh. Sorry for your troubles and I wish you a speedy recovery.
Sounds like you are motivated in all the right ways and will undoubtedly make quick work of getting up to speed while having fun doing it.

Thanks Dom, it is a life time issue, I am use to the pain and aware of how taxing the Kart racing experience can be. Thusly, the year preparing my body for this and this is a major incentive, motivator for me, everyone needs motivation in some form or another and mine is this.:cowboy_hat_face::spades::+1:t4:

Can some one help me out, for I am and my family are newbies to Kart Racing, we know very little about class and engine structure for my area the greater Seattle area. I understabd that miss takes I make will be amplified exponentially; therefore, making it an imparative to be on point.

The discussion here speaks to engine sizes, types, ext., That each area presents. What are some paramiteres I must be in compliance to race road races and maybe Sprint down range. I have the following ages involved, 23 year old Son, Joshua, 17 year old Grandson, Xavier, 14 year old Granddaughter Lailah, 11 year old family, Jonas, will be doing competitive racing. My Wife

Constance, and myself will be running practice track time for fun and after I am in shape to compete I will. Three generations of one family entering Kart racing to compete competent ly requires more knowledge then I have. I really need the knowledge of types of engines,

We need to be focusing on and how much modifications can you make. I am concerned about financing a family adventure like this, however, anything you put your life on the line for, must be taken seriously and use only quality top performance parts and equipment that has the best safety features out their, i.e., proper racing gear, helmits, suits, gloves, etc.

Now the costs starts to increase big time. So, I can not afford to make mistakes because I am taking Karting very serious and will not let my family on the track with less then the best out there. I owe that to them because it just may be, because we used high quality products we have midigated injuries greatly?

Sorry this is so long, I just needed you to have a better understanding of my situation to formulate a more percise plan? Thanks and Good luck to all of you this weekend of racing and a special Shout Out to DavinRS and AaronS., :checkered_flag:
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Charles I think you might be going into too much detail ahead of time.

Pick a class based on the Briggs 206. It’s simple, easy to run, low maintenance and allows you to focus on getting laps in.

The 206 is a sealed OHV four stroke engine. Essentially no modifications are permitted.

It was originally called LO206, (local Option) and that name lasted for probably 6/7 years.
People mistakenly still call it LO206. All that changed was the name though.

You can explore topics about the 206 by clicking this tag: #briggs206

Seriously, forget every other engine for now.
Get a 206 and start enjoying time on the track.

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Well, I’m at SIMA today. Anyone else around? Look for the scruffy dude wearing a Mariners cap.

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Thank You for the input,I will keep your opinion in mind… ; }

I’d also highly reccomend @Eric_Gunderson’s book “Karting 101”. It will save you time and money:

Bryan, thank you for your review from your experience. I have been formulating what will work for me because of a great many variables, all resolvable but I do not want to learn at my wallets expense. If I reck something then it’s on me but if I purchase an expensive piece of equipment that may not be allowed on the track bothers me greatly fir you have extremely limited resources.

I really am in love with the Vortec Egine made in Italy :it: and I asked and awaiting someone to answer a real big question for me for I can not locate anything that tells me what I can or can not do, use, build, etc., to build a Kart you are willing to give it seat time and learn how to drive a Kart you really want. I am willing to allow seat :seat: time on practice tracks, using a very good simulator and go to meets near us and watch, listen and learn as much as I can. That’s good for me and I need to really give that deeper thoughts when getting Karts for the remainder of my family team we are trying to build.

I have mind boggling concerns about equipping, dressing, training so many in a very short order and not break the bank. I am willing to upsorbe initial heavy costs involved and I need it to level down and allow me to understand the costs based upon series of races, ages of Racers, style of racing, etc., has a lot of initial outputs.

The great thing in DavinRS is trying to get a resource page of sorts that will assist me greatly once it gets off the ground. The blog administrators here are really on top of those and many more important issues that needs addressing , to build, promote, and make it easier for someone like me to get involved. For, I am looking at the output vs the available resources that will support our plans rather then me figuring out the multitudes of data needed to do what I wish to do. So, I decided not to let things bother me and I am going to just get one Kart at a time and when we get our third type of Kart we can honestly see how to progress, get back to having fun or else it is not worth the crazieness?

If anyone has the low down on Vortec I would love to hear about stuff that is not public marketing strategies to get you to buy their crap. I really want the real low down and BROTHER THATS WHEN YOUR KART MEETING ONCE A MONTH WOULD BE GREAT. I WOULD EVEN ATTEND IN OTHER NEIGBORING STATES, OREGON, IDAHO, :canada:. It would be worth it to make good contacts and build your address book with like minded folks that may be doing things on their own that they would hire their expertise out and you could save money that way. So I hope some positive movement about monthly or even bi-monthly meets and move them around? Thanks and may your sails be full on a calm day. :eagle::checkered_flag::racing_car::boom::dash::woman_astronaut:t5::spades::cowboy_hat_face:Scout©. :man_shrugging:t4:

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I’m not sure what you mean by real low down as it pertains specifically to the VLR.
But I can say in general, compared to a 206, the 100cc TaG karts (VLR, KA100, X125AC) as they are called are certainly faster, but you’re going to be spending more money and more time keeping things in running condition.

Generally, comparing a Briggs 206 with a 100cc TaG:

Chain and tire wear will be increased.
You’ll need racing fuel and racing oil, vs pump gas in the 206.
You’ll also use twice as much fuel, if not more.
You’ll have less tracks to choose from to race it (for the moment anyway)
Engine maintenance costs will be a little over double, perhaps more depending on how many laps you end up turning.
You’ll have to understand jetting/carburation in a little more detail.

I understand the some of the cost break down:

  1. Chains, are not too expensive, tires you need a new set for race day, older tires ok for seat time pratices, but will require a new set for the race. You may get away with two races on a new set of tires but that’s about it and to be competitive I believe this is true for the TAG’s, 206’s as well?
  2. Gas at the track is approximate but our area costs are $60.00 dollars per 5 gallons of gas and for Race day alone you will need three five gallon containers, $180.00. + practice.
  3. I am not a racer yet so I do not know why racing a Vortec gives you less places to race? If you are running a TAG in the race I could not be in the race because of_ __? Why is it more limited using that engine, I understand the extra maintenance.
  4. The TAG engine to be competitive, I been told, .I do not know for I am not a racer, that you rebuild the top half twice and the bottom once a season, if I am correct, this is the same recommendations for Vortec. Is it made in the USA :us: has any impact in folks opinion on quality, performance, etc. Vortec from what I can see has a competitive engine and the down low means, I know Vortec will tell you anything for a sale. I was referring to a review on performance by Racers who drive the Karts. They can tell me if it is quick as advertised, how is it side by side with other brands, that’s the “low down”. When my son started his build, I told him to keep one thing in mind, horsepower equates to speed, which equates to money :moneybag:. The faster you want something the more you will pay, that’s common. My question is, does the Vortec out perform other engines and if so how much faster are they? I can not get that level of honestly from a manufacturer?
    Thanks for your inputs, It made it things to think about. My feelings is, if I am after the podium then you have to have a Kart that is just as fast or better yet faster and setup better. For me It is a very costly sport and they mixed in several levels of intentions in the same race? Why does that happen, then the other intention drivers can compete and have funds and as their skills and finances increase they can move up to more competitive types of races. Let those that want to turn lapels and newbies run together and the novas lets have fun but I am putting in my best efforts to win.

The Vortex VLR is made in Italy. There are no two stoke engines made in the US for karting at this time.

Good 219 pitch chains are about $60 I think?

It varies, but it’s not universal that you will need new tires for each race, especially starting out.

Very few are offering a class for it at this time. A mixed 100cc class will be adopted at some tracks next year. It looks like it will be allowed in the mixed 100cc class in your area.

Generally, yes. One top end with a bottom every second top. Of course it depends how many races and practice days you end up covering in a season. figure sub $200 for a top and around $500 for a bottom. So budget for $900 in maintenance during the season. Vs probably zero for the 206

The VLR is usually run in a class of it’s own, or in combination with the KA. They are within tenths of each other.

Honestly, it sounds like you’re on a budget and will likely be running more than one kart. Get a couple of 206 based karts, some sets of used tires and start turning laps. Podiums generally don’t happen in the first season, unless it’s an uncompetitive class.

The VLR is a fine, quality 100cc package. But at this point I don’t think it’s the right package for you.

I’d agree with James.
Right now Charles, my best advice for you would be to start coming out to the track and looking at the karts up close. It’s the best way to get proper context on where to start, which I’m 99% certain should be an 206 to just get seat time, until you understand karts and the cost more.

Find a kart shop to help you get a chassis and support you with an engine, and start doing laps.

Thank You James for the comprehensive response to every concern of mine, this is why I LOVE THIS BLOG, it has became my favorite even over my survival blogs, maybe because I am not lost as a survivor just as a racer​:rofl: I want you to know that between my researching, looking and evaluating Karts on YouTube, getting questions answered there as well. Between You and the Person I truly turn to for information DavinRS and I am Blessed he is in my back yard so hooking up at the track watching and learning is possible. That’s us what Joshua and I did this summer and got in three race weekend about six days at the track from July 2018. You both settled me down a great deal and Joshua and I will be going into the Heggler Shop (hope I spelled it right) to see how they can set Joshua And I up with three 206’s and have them be my Scout and help me setup a rig that is good for my size currently, knowing I will be downsizing once I loose more weight. I am not looking at racing competitive for a couple of years of training both physically and operationally, knowing how the Kart will respond, muscle memory, etc., all requires a good amount of seat :seat: time, good coaching, and being in the best shape I can get into and know that’s good enough even if I do not run one race :checkered_flag:. I am in it for family fun and exposure to real racing not street racing that I use to do and that’s not good for anyone…DavinRS, I think everything is over here in the North West but when You go to the track to practice we would love to just be a fly on the wall and help you tote :handbag: things around volunteering for exchange for the ability to just observe and be able to ask questions, it’s all worth it for me. I want to become as good as I think I can be for it has been in my blood since I was a teen…:spades::cowboy_hat_face::checkered_flag::racing_car::boom::dash::dove::revolving_hearts: Drop me a line if we can setup a time to meet at Heggler for an introduction to your team if you do not [email protected] (253)205-9881 Thanks Charles stockton

Huggler Racing does driver coaching at PSGKA. You just need to contact him and setup a time.

It would be a good idea for those who knows how to tune, and work on Karts to be able to charge a decent hourly wage teaching folks like me, or become an adviser. Folks like me needs a lot of help d for guys like me who find it hard to ask for help, do not want to ever be another mans burden! I would love to know who in my area would like to hook up for practice days where you can get tips. One man said he paid 8 hours for his daughter to have a coach there for her but that really sounds real pricy for someone like me who has a crew of at least four drivers with the potential of six drivers. So my approach is track coaching for a whole team, whereby, you help each of us for a couple of hours a month and we work on translations from coaching, using the PulseKart Family for advice, practice what’s been taught no pratice on a simulator, then I think my whole team of drivers will get advice on proper braking, approaching the Apex and how best to navigate training and not reinforcing bad techniques that may become very hard to extinguish. I just need more then I know and that’s an over whelming feeling and that could cause a less motivated person from joining the Kart community. You have to have your stuff down by race day and not running around asking for help when folks just do not have the time to help me, they are in it to Win it as well! So anything is better then where I am at and that’s lost. I am going to see if there are any syberg Monday sales any where. Keep working on this, I wish zip could help but that would be the Blind leading the blind, with No Offense at all meant to the visually impaired…Peace Out :spades::cowboy_hat_face:Scout© :checkered_flag::racing_car::boom::dash::us::eagle::dizzy::wine_glass::baguette_bread::dove::revolving_hearts::pray:t3::call_me_hand:t4::clap:t3:

thank You for the update, it was useful data to be had. Question, what is an 8 hr day of coaching costs, it seems like it would be very expensive. If not I would love to get my grand children into that training as well. We are in the Greater North West Seattle area and there is a training club at my local track, I would like to put the costs side by side and see or make sure I am getting what is competetive training at a fair price, everyone gets paid, I know this, I just would like to know how much it is in Texas.

DavinRS, thanks for the suggestions and I will take you up on that suggestion on training at Heglers, they can also help me with my setup and Joshua’s setup. My Kart will have to be built a little larger then the ones now, is that possible getting your chassis modified to sit a bigger seat for a larger man. I have started working out at the gym to start my fitness training, a hella ways out but a step in the right direction is one less step towards reinforcing bad habits. One day I will be there and I plan on surprising a lot of folks, I have the time to train, I have the funds to start to run one Kart at a time with two drivers getting trained up, then the next two Karts get built for the individual and we train up those two and we will have four trained and well built Karts, ready to [email protected] email me your contact data for Heglers, names of team coordinator do zip can present what zip want to see happen vs what reality states is the best course of action to take, for I do not possess that knowledge.:spades::cowboy_hat_face::checkered_flag::racing_car::boom::dash::revolving_hearts::dove::clap:t3:

Lets keep the info in the discussion always best of have information on the forums so others can benefit.
Here you go. Huggler Racing Engines