Starting Out in Karting Seattle WA Area

I would like to thank and give a shout out to Aaron Stanford for his victories! Aaron’s Daugther was on the track as well, driving the # 4 and this young lady is a driver like her Father.

Aaron drove the # 1 Kart and Won the Championship at Pacific Raceway this Saturday, yesterday. His Daughter in the # 4 Won Her a Championship as well, family is blessed for they are the picture of Unity!

My Son, JP and I, learned a great deal, asking questions, various Racers giving you game and the in’s and out’s, what to look out for, etc., at the track. I witness some great driving and was truly impressed! I do not know if he is on this blog or not, I just wanted to recognize a driver who took the time to explain certain things on his new Kart, sorry, I am new and do not know the in’s and out’s yet to explain his Kart, all I can say it is fast!

Since we do not have the experience we, therefore, go to the track and observe and be a Sponge. We were treated to great races and colorful drivers and exdrivers giving advise.

The day was fun, I had three generations at the track, this is a great family activity that Bonds you into a team, you get to go to new places, camping :trolleybus::camping:, just having adventures together and trying to make your team as good and competitive as other well developed race teams I saw.

This is going to be a fun weekend coming up, with two races in the area, well sorta in the local area. One race is at SEMA just North of Bellingham very close to the Canadian boarder and Aaron S. will be driving in this one.

The second Race :checkered_flag: is in Tacoma Wa, the track we are going to join for track practice. I am getting the hang of this and this weekend I am coming equipped to be comfortable while at a full day race by setting up our own area and pay for pit space. Then I can watch, take notes, eat, sit, relax and enjoy myself confortablely. :circus_tent::revolving_hearts::sparkles::dove::checkered_flag::racing_car::boom::dash::footprints::spades::cowboy_hat_face::drum:

You coming to the PSGKA race on the 14th?


Yes Davin, we decided to come check you out and the Raceway that Joshua and Family are joining. We want to be a family team with three generation racing together.

We kinda of adopted you as a mentor because your articles on how to setup a team, the tools needed and the one about why there are not many Black faces at the track. I found them to be informative and motivational. You and Aaron S. Has been very hospitable, friendly and most of all welcoming to us that has very little knowledge but are very competitive in all matters.

I love the advice of the pit area and the need to be serious about it. We are exactly that, very serious. I am in the process of making some financial adjustments because I told Joshua I will be our first Sponsor :joy:Dad’s are the first most of the time.

We want to come and check out how your team opporates, we are sponges right now, going to the track to observe all that is intellectual. Oh, speaking of that, I learned one thing when I come I am not as prepared as I should. I have a question, we have a small stand up sun cover to protect us from the rain, sun , really any eliment, and have two chairs there to sit while we observe and take notes.

We have a binder full of the data we learned thus far, you track book we are starting now on the how to’s. We are joining the track you are racing at, I think that’s the one, I have to check with Josh about that. I intend on getting ready to go on Wednesday. We are so very serious Davin and desire to compete and grow as much and as fast as possible.

I am deviouring everything I can get my hands on, training video off of YouTube, .ect. we will understand if we can not be around your teams pit area, we will work it out. See you at the Track. @Maestro :wink::orthodox_cross::yin_yang::vertical_traffic_light::checkered_flag::sunglasses:

Feel free to come by. Just note that we’re in the hunt for a class win this weekend, so I’ll likely be heads down focused between sessions.

If anything we can hook up during lunch. :slight_smile:

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Understood and we will be careful to stay out of the way. We have a lot to take n and keep us busy, we are going to be in the stands cheering you to victory, and Good Luck and God Speed​:sparkles::dove::revolving_hearts:
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:speaking_head::circus_tent:R.B.& B.:microphone: Barker

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Hahaha. It’s nothing that serious.
It’s just that when I’m at the races on a race day, I’m focusing on racing. :wink: No surprise

We’ll get hooked up some day over Sunday. See you then.

The SIMA event is this Sat, 10/13. Might be coming up to watch, maybe meet some of you in the real world.

If @Ddc410 is planning to be there, maybe you two can hook up/ @WheelSpin

I am new also, just did my first race weekend 1, and 1/2 weeks ago at PSGKA. @DavinRS has been great to have around (especially on your first race weekend).

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Thanks for the heads up, are both races Tacoma and CIMA are basically on same schedule, I could go to time Trails on Saturday at CIMA and go to the race in Tacoma on Sunday, or did I miss something? :cowboy_hat_face:Scout©:orthodox_cross::yin_yang::menorah::peace_symbol::place_of_worship: :spades:

Club race for SIMA is on Saturday.
PSGKA is on Sunday.

Are the charges for observing the pit area around $15.00 per person or is it open to the public? Thanks DavinRS​:facepunch:t4::+1:t4: Oh Thanks for the letters on training, etc., It was very insightful

Normally pit access requires a wristband and thus the 15 bucks. I think it’s mostly to keep folks out of the pit lane where they might get their toes run over.

What are they known by name or is 206 the proper name, sorry if that sounds dumb but I do not know? I am just checking out as much YouTube data on Karting that I can get. I am planning on working myself into shape with my Son who desires to do the same thing as I, we have a 11 year old, 14 year old granddaughter, 17 year old grandson, my 23 year old son, my wife wants to just have fun during the free track practice time and Myself.

Our idea is to join the Tacoma club pay the annual fees for practice track time. I plan on continuing to work conditioning, I was going to learn the Shifter over time not on the track with competent other drivers until I am competent and competitive. The problem I see is training, I will put in the training time, gym time and expand my knowledge knowledge. It will take me a year to get to where I need to be and in the mean time I was going to train. But the other problem is picking up bad driving habits during training on my own. Everyone has their own issues to contend with without spoon feeding me. So, I will learn the old fashioned way, by making mistakes.

I am in it for fun and I do not do anything half A_ _. Plus, I do not want to be the “That Driver” everyone hates to see coming. I have had nothing but great experiences thus far with very friendly, colorful drivers, people are kind and open AND Busy, therefore, when I start racing, I will have my stuff together. There is only one way to learn certain things and that’s by actually racing not just by praticing/training alone. I wish to thank everyone for their comments and I am diffinantly am taking the advice very seriously, for I do not want to hurt myself or others by thinking I am something that I am not.

I do have a deep yearning become very good and competent or I will not get into races just have fun practicing, sooner or later I will pickup the neauances involved. Thanks for the comments, good advice and your experiences shared is appreciated. :vertical_traffic_light::checkered_flag::motorway: :dove::cowboy_hat_face:Scout​:spades:

Once you get going it becomes a lot less baffling!

Also, once you get to the track on Sunday, I’ll introduce you to Doug Huggler, who runs Huggler Racing, and the pits I race out of.

He can also help you getting started.

On the conditioning bit, you don’t need big muscles or anything like that. What you will need is aerobic conditioning. That’s where karting gets you.

The way I like to think of it is, “Can I run/swim/bike for 15min at 85-90% of my max with the ability to draw 100% in bursts?”

Muscles are useful too, but the sport will build them for you. Problem is, if you are like me, you get to kart one weekend a month. So, to keep my gains from race weekends I also work in a bit of light weight/resistance training 3 days a week. Pushups, sit-ups and a few exercises with 15lb dumbbells. Maybe 20 mins total. Then 15 mins treadmill walking. That’s it.

I can go about 20mins full chuff now. Which is enough for any race.

Edit: there’s a lot of walking and lifting involved in karting too. Be sure to bring a foldable chair or two so you don’t have to be on your feet all day long. Pretty much anyone who does this on their own also has a pop up awning thing for shade. Hydration and shade are critical when you are participating in a race weekend.

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@Dom Thanks for the info on exercising. I have a ways to go and this is where I am really at. I have family who wants to get involved and I love the sport, so why not. I am way over weight to be competitive and I know this. I also am out of shape to the point I will have to work on many aspects.

I am a Mental Health Therapist and was assaulted physically by an inmate with a shank in both hands, threatening to kill. I really injured L-1 through L-5 have been damaged badly. So, I have another issue to overcome. I know I have the fortitude to do what is needed to be done if I am effectively motivated and I have that.

I have a burning inside to get competent and then let Err rip! I do not expect to race for a year or more and while I am physically doing my thing, I can gain track practice time and work on pointers other drivers can give me. I am determined on chasing you guys down and just maybe one day give you guys a good race, @Bimodal_Rocket, @DavinRS. :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::nerd_face::man_student:t4::footprints::spades::sparkles::dove::cowboy_hat_face::racing_car::dash::checkered_flag:

Interesting. A guy I worked with had the same issue. He was a prison guard and an inmate tried to strangle him to death. He, however, got sued by the inmate because he (the guard) had the gall to defend himself and came out of this with the upper hand. Ugh. Sorry for your troubles and I wish you a speedy recovery.
Sounds like you are motivated in all the right ways and will undoubtedly make quick work of getting up to speed while having fun doing it.

Thanks Dom, it is a life time issue, I am use to the pain and aware of how taxing the Kart racing experience can be. Thusly, the year preparing my body for this and this is a major incentive, motivator for me, everyone needs motivation in some form or another and mine is this.:cowboy_hat_face::spades::+1:t4: