Starting Out in Karting Seattle WA Area

(James McMahon) #41

Up in your area the Vortex VLR will be run in the NW Gold Cup. Dates are here:
Aside from that, plans haven’t been announced for more local tracks.

Personally I’d focus on a 206 program for the first year given it’s sounds like you’ll have multiple karts to buy, maintain and manage.

Have you spoken with many people in the area yet? That’s really your next step.

Talk to and visit people in the areas and find yourself a good used example of a 206.

(Charles Stockton) #42

I agree and will be talking with Huggler Kart Engins, they run a local team and I have an expert driver also willing to have a sit down with me. I have received nothing but welcome and really sound advice that is focused on my current situation. I earn everyone load and clear concerning the 206 in both maintenance and drivability for folks starting out. I have sent Huggler Kart Engine an email to setup a time for us to visit their shop and find out what will work, what will not, what’s worth the expenses.Thanks for the response.:spades::cowboy_hat_face::checkered_flag::racing_car::boom::dash: