Starting Seat Position Settings for Tony kart Nordix (1010)

Hello wonderful KP people!

I’m looking for the factory (OTK) settings for the Tonykart Nordix chassis. Specifically, the 2014 numbers, although I suspect any year will do.

I’ve attempted to look them up online, no dice. Contacted my local Tonykart dealer, they provided me with the Mini/Rocky/Neos cadet numbers, but couldn’t find the Nordix numbers even when they had access to the OTK dealer portal.

Kart is being raced as a cadet as a 1010 chassis with a pretty small driver.

Yes I know rather unorthodox, but it does run quite well so far. Still, I suspect seat position isn’t right, as kart seems to hop subtly out of corners regardless of other tuning done to it.

We ran an experiment once where I ran the Nordix in Senior Yamaha for a practice day, at 360 pounds on MG Yellows. We set the seat at the standard senior settings and it seemed alright.

I know that’s almost zero help. Maybe @Ryon_Beachner can help.