Stationary kart lifts

Anyone know of another manufacturer for stationary lifts besides Streeter? Seems like HRP has dropped them, probably because they are so back logged. :frowning: I suppose I could build my own, but frankly have a lot better things to do than reinvent the wheel.

Kart lift

Chris do you have a link to a stationary? Last I checked he wasn’t doing them. Not looking for a roll around, this is purely for maintenance in the shop. Most roll around won’t lift our older rental karts, so I need something that can do at least 300lbs

Ahhh sorry I missed that portion thought you were just looking for traditional scissor.

I’d honestly look at body shop style scissor stands if you don’t need it to move

Right now we use the top section off of a Streeter Stacker and a chain hoist. Just takes too long to rig and lift. A lot of times I’m by myself, and with those rentals, it’s not something even two guys can lift safely. We’ll see if anyone else has a source, but I’ll probably have to just spend a weekend and build my own.

I know the outlaw winged dirt karts use stationary lift stands a fair amount, not sure of brands. Have to look.

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Unfortunately it looks like streeter kind of have that market cornered pretty well. There might be another builder, but am not finding them.

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Kind of what I was finding. All good. And I love Streeter stuff, but I think they are just hammered right now. I’ve been waiting a month for upright stands for our hauler. Hard to be patient but everyone is struggling with getting orders out, not their fault.