Staying ahead of the Chassis racing from day into night

Our next race is a “night” race. We start warmups around 1:30 in the afternoon and then heat races start about 5pm. Sunset right now is about 8:30 and generally if you race early it’ll still be before sunset but if it’s late it will be dark.

Curious what adjustments I should be prepared to make to the chassis to stay ahead of the changing conditions as it goes from day to night.

Trying to make sure I have a plan ahead of time and understand what to expect.


Only thing I have noticed is that the track gets cooler and slippery-er. But not like it’s wet or anything.

It’ll usually get slicker usually, as Dom said. We’ve had night races in the middle of summer in the past where there was actually dew on the track for the finals, which made it really slick.

Treat it similar to how you would a cooler morning warm-up session. Maybe a little higher tire pressure to get heat built up quicker, bring the rear track in a tick etc.

Our track typically races in the evenings, so we are always making adjustments for the track cooling down. Typically the only adjustment I really make is to increase tire pressures, beyond that the chassis is usually setup fairly neutral to all conditions.

Andy, where are you at?

@Bryan34w Ohio, G&J kartway with OVKA

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