Steering apparatus caught on foot rest

Hi Everyone!

I have a parolin Delfino for my 3.5 year old son.

I purchased this kart from a local karting store and just noticed this last night.

The steering apparatus is getting caught on the foot rest when he is turning to the right (full turn).

Can someone help me as to what I should be doing if I am to fix this myself?

Couple options include my rounding off the foot rest. Or, I can trim part of the screw.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

I’d trim the foot support, leave say a 5mm gap. If you cut the bolt you have to make sure the threads stay in good shape etc.

Thank you Sir.

Curious to ask what kind of tool I new to trim the foot rest?

Where can I purchase a hand piece for this or power tool?

I already showed this to the owner of the place I purchased the kart from and he didn’t appear to know what to do about it.

Guessing here, but the tie-rod ends seem to be assembled incorrectly. Looks like a large washer above the tie-rod, the tie-rod, a conical washer, another washer and assume a nut at the bottom.
If I had to build this, start with a shoulder bolt with the conical washer on the upper side of the steering shaft. Below the steering shaft, a narrow washer, the-rod, another narrow washer, a normal size washer, and a nut with a nylon insert.
Link to an example of an OTK setup.

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Good catch. That makes sense because in the current state the rod end will fall off the bolt of the nut comes loose.

Putting the rod end on top of the column should solve the problem of the bolt hitting the footrest too :+1:

@Joshua_Teh you could use a hand file, or a grinder. But it looks like incorrect assembly is the root cause.

Thank you very very much for your expertise. I will try this tonight. Fingers crossed I won’t screw it up and the child will have another good day on the track tomorrow.

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Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it!
I should have those instruments too!

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Hi everyone

I just took a look at the setup before I started. I don’t think that I have as the washer to put on the top shelf.

Is it possible that I can just purchase a washer to create a spacer to use more of the screw ?

My thoughts are to put the washer right on the top shelf next to the bolt.

Apologize for my incorrect terminology.


If you look at the angle of the tie rod, you can see it’s angled down and it should not be.

You need to move the tie rod end to the other side he steering column bracket. ie, move it to the top. If you do that and have washers on both sides of the tie rod end then you should be good to go.

Hope this makes sense in translation.

No worries, that’s why we’re here. Even the experts don’t agree on terminology either anyway :smiley:

Yes this absolutely makes sense!
Thanks a lot!!!
Appreciate your help!!!

They need to be on top on the spindle too.

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Thanks guys. I will put the entire apparatus piece by piece in the same order on top of the Column.

Bolt, small washer, tie rod, small washer.
Next is the fixture on the drive shaft extension.
After this fixture, the large washer and nut.

Thanks again.