Steering Column Bushing Shim

One of my pet peeves is radial play in the steering column and I’ve found (especially on our rentals) that new bushings don’t address the issue… I’ve resorted to cutting the bushing where the bolt goes through, but I’d rather not make that a rule.

I noticed this shim on my Wildkart Warrior. Has anyone seen anything similar?


Bore the housing out. Press in a brass bushing.

I got a quote for a cast phosphor bronze steering coupler, but Billy said it would be too difficult to get customers to pay more for it, so the “grease frequently, throw away frequently” advice remains.

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That’s the thing… they have slop from new. I guess I could try having something 3d printed too.

/edit the one in the pic works great.

How about the roller bearing ones?

Yes. A heavy grease like Mobil Centaur 462 can help a little, but if they’re loose just going on nothing will help.

An oilite bushing would be a lifetime component but who wants that?

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