Steering column

What affect would having the wrong steering column have in my otk kart brought kart second hand noticed column hitting tank checked with different otk karts and there was a big difference in gag to tank
Then I found reggeti ridollfi written on it
That would change my ackaman if I’m. Not wrong


It can change both the Ackermann and steering rate on the kart. You can mismatch steering columns and whatnot, when I was running Merlin I ran a Kart Republic column on it for personal preference. If the column rubbing on the fuel tank is bad, I would change it out.

So, yes this can change ackermann but without comparing it to the OE steering shaft its tough to say how much. It sounds like you are having an issue with the tank hitting the steering shaft, so if may be bent, if it is, replacement would be in order. Righetti makes replacement parts that will usually work but may not be exact, they are usually less expensive than the OE too. If you are new to karting you will find the steering shaft often is a weak point in an altercation. I always have a spare on hand

The extended Ackerman OTK steering shafts will also graze the tank. Have a spare shaft and tie-rods is a good idea.

So running the after market coloum is basically like running a lot more Acaman going back to standard what should I be feeling In the kart between the two