Steering wheel height

Does anyone have any info on heights of the steering wheel. Mine it at its highest setting and going to drop it down a notch. Is this going to effect Ackerman settings or just a driver comfort feel?

It will change things a teeny bit. Maybe not noticeable on the track. It’s worth re-checking your alignment if the height change is big as you will toe the wheels out a bit.

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Thanks James. After making the adjustment I had my kart on the stand a noticed there was more resistance then usual. Had to raise the steering shaft closer to me to make it smooth again. I don’t have the laser to Check toe but I’ll give a update tomorrow on how it goes!

I don’t believe that adjusting the height of the steering wheel will affect amount of resistance felt at the steering wheel. I’m assuming that your are lowering the upper block on the steering shaft. Go over the method you used the assemble the upper block and the supports for the fairing. At least loosen the bolt to see if it frees up. Things to check would be the steering shaft to see if it is not bent, the tie-rods binding up and the bearing at the bottom of the steering shaft. Make sure all the steering components are OK before the kart gets on the track.

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Thanks tony! I am using 5/8 spindles on my kart and I’m at 390. From what I have been told that coyote karts are good with 5/8 from 350lbs and lower. Once over that 17mm spindles are needed. Kart is still fast on 5/8 but tie rods could be bent for as many times I’ve gone off. I am going to my local track tomorrow and will give an update. Thanks again for the input

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If you’ve got collars on the column that would cause it to tighten up if you haven’t sufficiently loosened them.

Got an update on the steering wheel position. I do like the feel of it being lower but…it messed with my toe giving me toe out and wore out the inside of the tires. So next time I will have to shoot the lasers and adjust from there.

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Sucks that you burned up a set of fronts

There’s other methods you can use that are decent enough for toe. Even measuring tape to the rim can be better than nothing.

I was going to just put it back to the normal height but just got to busy. My tires were done for anyway but I’m glad I tried it on a old set instead of brand new


You can return the steering shaft to its original position, measure the toe-out, move the shaft back down and adjust the toe to the measurement you took when the shaft was higher.

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