Sticker\Decal Gig

Actually @KeslerDesignWorks I need die cut decals to place on the recoils for my rentals, I’ll shoot you a PM. It’s more on the cut side vs design that I need help as the decals need will cover most of the vent holes on the sides to manage temps and keep snow out of there.

I’ve been summoned!

If someone in the Phoenix area has one I’d love to take a stab at making a template. I’m working on one for the Rotax radiator flap and airbox this weekend.


Sounds good. We’re actually looking at a bunch of engines including Ghost so we’ll see where that lands as the recoil size varies with the engine size (of course).

You havent by any chance already got a template for the lo206 have you?

I haven’t made one up yet. A random search awhile back I think I found an image of one. Just needs to be converted into something usable.

When you have one let know. I have a buddy who needs some.

Can do! My to-do list this off season is getting ever longer…

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