New HF 212cc Predator Ghost "Racing" Engine

Good info thanks!

Yeah a lot of the guys in the mini bike circles seem to not really understand flywheels. Even on the standard 212 they need to be able to withstand about 5800 intermittent in the case of governor failure or a linkage disconnect. At that point valve float is your rev limiter.

There’s a perception that 3600 RPM is a safety limit. When you realize that 3600 RPM is 60hz that speed starts to make more sense.

Where they get tripped up is when they change the springs, then you’re in the danger zone for sure.

That said, a cast iron flywheel isn’t necessarily bad, it’s depends on how it’s made. How the magnet is attached makes a big difference to as those seem to go into orbit more often than the flywheels actually coming apart.

Agree 100% James. All in all, they would be good practice motors, and for a get people started cheap class. For serious racing I think I would go with an established motor, but that’s just me, and I’d miss the brap brap. :smiley:

I’m not even sure if that’s true. As a class the ghost IMO is a bit of a false economy. The 206 is ultimately only a couple hundred bucks more and you get a lot for that money. Ruleset, a class you can race almost anywhere, prize program along with parity and reliability that’s a known quantity.


Marco at NY race complex is setting up a cheeper entry level predator series for next year. 5 yr old chassis and a 212 ghost motor. Racing for under 2500$ … I m in…

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Thanks, Todd. I’ll be interested to see how it plays out. His track is pretty far and I have yet to make the trip up north. Maybe this will give me a good excuse!

Yeah that’s a bold play by Marco with the Ghost, but no better guy to try something different and see how it goes. Given Marco had a disagreement with Briggs and the fact that 206’s still seem to be slow to obtain anyway, can’t blame him.

$2500 206 karts are a thing too. But the East Coast has it’s own four stroke scene going on.

I’m looking at the Ghost (Amongst others incl Tillotson, LCT & briggs) for my ice rental karts.

Another option for you - - built in America and doesn’t have a valvetrain

I think Marco had mentioned something about large piles of money required in parts and that he couldn’t get commitment from the teams or something.

I could ask Jerry for the scuttlebutt, he might know.


My problem with this engine is aesthetic. It doesn’t look cool. This matters!

Yeah that was what I heard too. That Briggs expressed that there would be an upfront outlay of $$$. I haven’t heard that for other tracks\orgs\clubs from Briggs so I’m not sure what happened there.

@KeslerDesignWorks, new market alert; time to start whipping up some vinyl kits for the homely HF Preditor engine. :rofl:


That’s actually a good idea. I’d customize my engine with pretty designs

I would just decorate with hash marks of all the people I’ve punted so people on the grid know my body count.

Footage of Evan at supernats

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Each engine gets a skull sticker for each person sent to the shadow realm

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So… add some stickers. Now it’s worth 4x as much and adds 5 HP.


That actually works and now I can race that engine.

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I can’t discuss it because it’s going to court, but I’m in the same boat with Briggs and a west coast distributor… :frowning:

Just found out today that RLV make an accessory kit for the ghost that’s a little more applicable to karting.