New HF 212cc Predator Ghost "Racing" Engine

I think Marco had mentioned something about large piles of money required in parts and that he couldn’t get commitment from the teams or something.

I could ask Jerry for the scuttlebutt, he might know.


My problem with this engine is aesthetic. It doesn’t look cool. This matters!

Yeah that was what I heard too. That Briggs expressed that there would be an upfront outlay of $$$. I haven’t heard that for other tracks\orgs\clubs from Briggs so I’m not sure what happened there.

@KeslerDesignWorks, new market alert; time to start whipping up some vinyl kits for the homely HF Preditor engine. :rofl:


That’s actually a good idea. I’d customize my engine with pretty designs

I would just decorate with hash marks of all the people I’ve punted so people on the grid know my body count.

Footage of Evan at supernats

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Each engine gets a skull sticker for each person sent to the shadow realm

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So… add some stickers. Now it’s worth 4x as much and adds 5 HP.


That actually works and now I can race that engine.

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I can’t discuss it because it’s going to court, but I’m in the same boat with Briggs and a west coast distributor… :frowning:

Just found out today that RLV make an accessory kit for the ghost that’s a little more applicable to karting.