Still looking for a couple used karts

I have been looking for a used kart for me and one for my granddaughter for a couple months now. It has been a very interesting journey. It seems covid has affected the prices of used karts, much like it has other items. Used karts in this area now are going for 30-70% more now than 2 years ago. I plan to keep looking, but figure it may be a while until I find a kart let alone 2 karts. Hopefully it will come to together soon.

The good news is, I have been learning a lot reading here on the forum and other sources. Hope to see some of you on the track soon.

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What seems to be the hard part? Engines? Or, just all of it?

how old is you daughter? also whats your buget beacus we have a few karts for sale.

What type of kart are you looking for?

206? TaG 125 or KA100? Shifter? Are you looking at getting into racing it or are you just wanting to go to a track and play around?