Storing Tires

Our season has ended early due to an injury and we have a couple of sets of new tires left over. Can these been stored until next season or will the performance of them be degraded? Should I try to sell them now and lose a few bucks or keep them until the spring?

Hopefully you are feeling better, I know people who wrap the tires in plastic wrap tightly. Should keep the oils in the tire, someone else may have better advice but I’ve used the plastic wrap method as well and the tires worked fine being stored for a prolonged period of time. Would also recommend keeping them in a low humidity and cooler temperature room, I don’t know the exact science behind it but that’s one thing I’ve also heard that prolongs the tire life.

Yeah I would imagine that temperature swings would not be good. Wrap em and store them in the wine cellar alongside your 1945 Petrus.

I’d sell them if you can.

How to keep them over winter: if still in original wrappers, place in a black plastic bag, tie it tightly, tag it so it doesn’t get thrown out with the trash, and stick them in an inactive area in your living space well away from furnaces and motors. I used to keep mine under my bed.

Ahh yes, ancient times dictate that storing tires under your bed rids your room of monsters, smart move.


Ironically, the first ones bought next spring from your track or kart shop have been sitting all winter on open shelving. Don’t overthink it. They’ll be fine.


Thats why I hate being the first sucker to buy “fresh” tires!

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Thanks guys. They are still in wrappers in the original box. I like the idea of puttihg them under your bed but i also like being married. So I’ll put them under my sons bed :wink:


High performance street tires and auto race tires are often wrapped and kept in a dark temperature stable place. There are some high performance street tires that should be thrown away if they experience freezing temperatures.

Always store in a temperature controlled place with little UV light and wrap them up.

I back-to-backed a set of 2 year old MG Reds that were stored through two winters in my non-temp controlled storage unit against a current set of MG Reds at New Castle and the old ones were 1.5 seconds slower.

I knew better but that’s what happens when you ball in a budget and only race once every couple years so you never have practice tires.

I could probably make them old ones fast again with a little prep to put oils back in them, lol. I’ve always been curious about doing so for practice tires, but only ever prepped my dirt tires.

Here to agree with everyone on storage. My method on tires I don’t plan to use in awhile is to completely plastic wrap the tires to insure you keep them from oxidizing. Then just to double up they go in a black trash bag that’s sealed to keep light of them. Into a spare closet somewhere in the house so they stay a consistent temperature. I’ve found I can store a set of tires for roughly 10-12 months without noticing degradation.

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Does everyone stop karting over winter in the US or something? I’ve never had to store tires here cause we don’t ever stop karting

Only up here in the northern half where there is snow on the ground 4 months a year


Come to Florida. We race all year around.

In Florida we can race or practice year round. With that being said how many laps can one expect to get out of a set of tires?

I wish we could race all year. I think the number of laps depends a lot on class and tire geing used. I 4 stroke cadet we get a race weekend and practice day or two out of set. But its all downhill from here. Every year they wear out faster and faster

One other question that I haven’t seen answered in the winter tire storage threads besides wrapping and bagging the tires: depressurize mounted tires, I assume? (I know, I know…) :joy: :roll_eyes:

Its funny, how such a straight forward question could spur so many varied responses. :rofl:

On a side note, great point made by Derek Hastings.

I can tell you what I do (for better or for worse). Store them in an indoor/ temp controlled closest either in their original wrapping, or I bust out the plastic wrap from the kitchen. I personally do not store tires that are inflated on the rims, I deflate prior to storage. (Not a Tom Brady pun) :smirk:

Ah yes the under inflated football scandal. Blast from the past. Those were more innocent times.