Stripped out beadlock

ive got a set of swift mag wheels and one of the bealock holes is stripped out and the beadlock screw wont tighten up causing it to leak. The wheels have only been used twice. Is there any way to fix this, maybe use a tap and go up a size?? just wanted to see if anyone had any info before i go buy another wheel. Thanks

There are larger beadlock screw kits online. You will drill the bad one out and tap it to the next size larger.

Like this.


Good info. My son just did this on one of his wheels. Figured he’d be buying a new one. Now not so much.

I wouldn’t be afraid to try filling and then drilling and taping the wheel with JB weld. I have never tried this on a wheel but have done this in other applications. Beadlocks don’t have much load unless you overtighten them.

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What engine package you running? If its something low HP like 206, I know alot of people just JB weld them closed and call it a day. Not advisable on a higher HP 2 stroke.

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The wheel has no idea what engine is on the chassis. Corner speeds are similar. Heck, a lot of 4 cycle classes have heavier weights then 2 cycle classes.

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That could be true, I’m just ecoing what others have told me. I had the same issue as the OP, so I JB welded them and turned them into my rain setup. I”ve seen alot of people in 206 run without bead lock screws, so I just wanted to mention its a option in case the OP wasn’t aware. I know I wasn’t when I was just starting out.

The JB Weld works well but only to fill the hole as it does not have much mechanical strength to hold new threads. I have done this more than a few times to repair the wheel. I just drilled and tapped a new hole about a half inch away from the old hole.


Here in Ontario we use harder compound tires in briggs compared to our Rok classes, so in that application ot would have corner loads and speeds than 4 stroke.

I have repaired a few with heli-coils but its not worth the trouble. I had to trim them to length after install with a small cutting wheel. I would order a few sets of those oversized ones and throw a set or two in the toolbox for next time.

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It knows when it gets hit with 30hp vs 10hp though.

It’s definitely easier to pop a tire off a rim with more power available. Especially if you hit it too hard too soon.

Also the sustained tire/bead load from the apex onwards should generally be higher with the more powerful package as you can ride the out the edge of the traction circle for longer.

Its on my sons LO206 Cadet kart

Yeah I wouldn’t worry about it, JB weld them shut and send it. If you really want screws, you could chase the threads and go to a bigger size screw like Robert suggested.