Stripped wheel nut

I stripped a wheel nut on my birel art kart. What do I do. Prob very simple but very new and want to know the easiest way. Thanks everyone.

Like it’s stuck on the stud in the hub? Hammer a smaller socket on and try to get it off with a ratchet.

Or just remove the stud totally and replace the stud.

How do u remove the stud ? Sorry

If you can’t double nut onto the stud and remove that way; Take a pair of vice grip pliers and get them as tight as you can, apply a good amount of heat to the hub, and try to unscrew the stud.

I’m assuming the wheel is still clamped on and you cannot reach in with pliers. They make external extractors that are essentially a very sharp, reverse helical socket. Buy a set of these, hammer on the smallest that’ll fit, and loosen it with an impact gun/driver

I second this. It’s very rare to truly round a wheel nut, but of course it always happens when you really can’t afford to screw around with it.

I’d get those tools and just pay more attention to the state of your wheel nuts moving forward.

it may be as simple as trying to use 6 point socket. a lot of times, if you’re using a 12 point socket, you don’t have to round the nut much for the socket to not grab. just google 6 point vs. 12 point, if you don’t know what i’m talking about. if you rounded it using the 6 point, the other methods listed should work.


Adding to Bubba; If you have to use an impact, use a high quality 6 point socket. Also, use a 12 V impact not an 18V impact.

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Use an expendable extension and a BIG hammer to knock a Harbor Freight non-impact 1/2" drive 3/8" inch socket onto the wheel nut. Then extract with the hardest-hitting air or electric impact wrench you have. My uncle’s old Makita plug-in electric impact would be very good for this. If you don’t break the nut (now compressed onto the stud) loose with a single blow it’ll break loose from the hub and you’ll be stuck replacing it.