Strong Full Size Nose Cone Options for Road Course Kart- Little Tikes Material Preferred

Hello Everyone,

Long time lurker here! I am looking for a very strong Full Size Nose Cone for a Straight Road Course Kart. I have seen some that are made out of Little Tikes type plastic and they can take a beating! I’m not really interested in the fiberglass or very thin plastic that can easily break.

What are my options? Does anyone have a good vendor for this type of strong kart nose cone?

Thanks so much!


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Not super sure if you are referring to the plastic bits that comprise the front bumper and the faring.

Can you post a pic or a link to what you refer to?

I am looking for a new nose cone to replace the cracked nose cone on my son’s grey kart- picture attached. I beleive these are sometimes called Gold Cup Noses, or 4 Cycle Noses. I would like the nose cone to be made from a very strong “Little Tikes” type material, I have seen these bodies at the kart track and they are very robust!

Googling American style bodywork seems to suggest that brand is relevant (of kart). What brand is it?

Eg: Triton Jr Body Kit - Phantom Racing Chassis

This is an Eagle Kart. I know M&M makes these types of noses, but not in the heavy duty plastic (not 100% sure about their materials, but I left a message with them to find out). The current nose does not look chassis specific. They bolted the nose to the kart on the floor pan and on the front nerf bar using custom made mounting bars.

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M&M is definitely the right place. They make a few different styles. They make the “thin plastic” ones, but also the “super tuff” ones. Those are the ones you want. They are super busy and going through some supply issues like the rest of us, but when you get ahold of them they will be very helpful.

I called M&M and they are forming me a new nose cone made from the Super Tough material. Thanks for the help!!



:+1: glad you got the answer you were looking for.