Stub axle length

Hi everyone, I’m complete new to karting and just bought my son his first go kart off the second hand market so my knowledge about a go kart isn’t the best. while i was going over the kart and checking a few things i’ve realised that the left front Stub axle is longer than the one on the right. is this normal or did the owner before me make a mistake putting the wrong stub axle on?

Not normal. Probably didn’t have the right spare after bending one; spindles get bent occasionally.

Assuming the spindle geometry is the same, you can run it no problem, just make sure track width is the same side-to-side by measuring from the kingpin bolt to the wheel edge.

But I would be concerned the kingpin inclination of the spindle or other geometry could be different between the spindles, which would give different handling characteristics side-to-side.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Though as much, There’s a few spares i got from him which are the exact same length which is surprising. I’ll change it tomorrow and check over everything else you mentioned. I’m a little bit cautious about sending my son out on track without knowing fully well what the kart might do. I’m actually contemplating if i did the right thing in buying him his own kart, It’s like learning something new from scratch again.