Studded tires

Is it possible to stud slicks? I have a set of very hard compound rental kart tires and I’m thinking about studding them with screws from the inside. Has anyone studded a set of slicks before? would the screws just push out? If so what could I do? I’m won’t be ice racing just driving on a homemade track on the pond where we play around with go karts, dirt bikes, atv’s etc…

You’ll have to add a reinforcement ring (PVC for example) to the inside of the tire and add a sealer. But it will work.

Problem is that after a couple of laps you’ll ideally want some sort of tread to get past the snow/ice dust so they studs can get down to the ice to do their job.

Where are you located out of curiosity?

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. I’m in southern Ontario, Canada but I was thinking about winter so I thought I would ask