Stuff to pay attention to over winter?

So, it struck me this AM that it’s winter and therefore, no actual karting for at least 4 months.

While the Northeast goes quiet, what are the races/events of significance that happen over the winter nationally or internationally?

I can think of SKUSA winter pro tour that is well attended down in Florida. What else is happening while the rest of us recharge? Is there a sort of winter supernats level type thing?

WKA Daytona Kart Week.

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If we could get more people to buy these I recon it’s be win/win :joy:

I see an opportunity for you to start the annual Ice Racing Nationals.

Dec 10 deadline! Event is * Daytona Beach, FL

  • December 27-30, 2020

That’d be fun. Need to get the rental track going first… Waiting for city approval now. It’s been an absolute chore finding a place for this. Everyone seems to want ice karting… except those giving out permits :smiley:

I think they will take entries after the 10th, but they are at a higher price

I live in Florida, so winter doesn’t exist and therefore the season never ends :joy:

Yes except you have Florida man occasionally causing chaos. Must be nice. When I was a kid I spent a year at Bolletieri’s in Bradenton. While you don’t get cold weather, it rained hard, every day during the winter in the afternoon.

Ah yes the florida man :joy:

Rain is annoying, we usually don’t get way too much during winter. I say usually cause apparently you guys experienced rain every day when you were here. I love cold weather, sometimes I think I’m in the wrong state lol

It’s just a memory of daily, recurrent rain. But not for very long, but enough to make heats interesting!

Lol Florida just making it more challenging than it needs to be as always

Also ROK Cup Florida Winter Tour is starting January, so that’s something to watch out for