Suggestions for EV Kart inclusion in racing

With the prompting by my local SCCA chapter I’ve been working on some suggestion rules / guidelines for EV Karts in SCCA Autocross, since they are currently not allowed due to a lack or regulations. What I have so far is a mashup of the Formula SAE rules and the FIA EKarting rules, applying commonly used terms for items instead of engineering terminology. I still am working on the portion dealing with incident safety and mitigation, but I’d like to put out what I have so far for constructive feedback.

File link (I will keep the same link, and just change the date at the top as I make revisions):
Word Document

Thanks in advance!

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As a member of the KAC, we are still waiting to hear from the SafetyAC before we move any steps forward. As we have to make sure our rules meet the safety rules and tech procedures, as that is above the KAC.

First thing I would suggest is that not to put regulation in definitions. As most definitions get put in a completely different section of the rule book. This can be confusing due to most people jump to the section that they are planning to run and skip all over the definitions in appendix.

Do not use “recommendations”, the rule needs to be written as either it is legal or not. Your 2.1.1 IP65 “recommended” is a good example. of this issue.

Remember to not directly copy other clubs rules as copywrite laws are a thing.

Now my personal opinion, I will not support a not off the shelf EV system for kart. As a custom made solution IMO does not fit the goal and philosophy of KM. Just as custom 2 stroke engines are not allowed.

Thank you for your suggestions. I’ve greatly revised and simplified the text along those lines.

As for off the shelf EV systems, the few I am aware of have very limited safety devices (at least as described in their literature). Yes additional safety devices add cost and some weight, but I consider all of the items I’ve kept in the document to be important enough to be mandatory to keep both the racer and track workers as safe as possible.

From the very brief definition of the kart KM class, defined as “A. 125 cc. shifter karts (KM) are the fastest karts allowed”, I’m frankly not sure what the goal and philosophy of KM is. By fastest does this refer to a top speed, acceleration, braking, or what? Can you help me to understand what the rational is for this. Is it driven by the insurance that SCCA specifically uses that specifies a top speed for all competitors?

I also received some helpful suggestions on ES. I’ve updated the document with hopefully a clearer and simpler version.

I think total weight (not 100% on the number) is the way to go to control capacity, with the main goal of safety. Easy to check.

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Changed the title as I’ve made some changes to the document to account for <= 60v systems. It’s amazing how much pushback you get from track people with the fear of the unknown. Slightly tweaked for karting.

New document:

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