Suggestions on how to clean karting gear?

So I have never really had much success using Molecule on my race gear, so I’m somewhat curious if other racers have used any other products or have cleaning techniques on keeping their gear clean.

Links to products they use, or tips to keeping their gear looking spiffy?

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if you haven’t used it, I find the spot cleaner to be the key to the molecule system. it reminds me of a cleaner I used when I worked on chain saws.

I’m sure it’s not the preferred method but I simply put Shout on it where stains occur and throw it in the washing machine. Though I tend to have off the shelf suits since my garbage disposal keeps growing :laughing: Those with higher dollar customs may take more care of theirs.

Just bought a new suit last year in hopes of lasting 2 seasons. Nope, grew 4 inches since May and still going…

I’ve not had much luck either, but I’ve also never used the prep stuff, so that’s probably 70% of the problem right there.

On the other hand, this stuff keeps my everyday clothes smelling great

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I recently spilled a 16oz bottle of Refresher in the backseat of my car when an errant bottle tipped over and shed it’s cap and it was the most pleasant accident I’ve ever had. Car smells incredibly fresh now.


Here’s my experience: YMMV.
I don’t wait until the end of the season. I take my suit to the dry cleaners every 2 or 3 months. Rest of my gear (balaclava, gloves, nomex underwear, socks, all goes in the washer with about 2 tablespoons of Tide Free (or any cleaner) on the delicate cycle basically to just run it under some clean cold water. Tumble dry as delicate afterwards, and hang it all up in the closet like any of my other good dress suits. That set of race gear is as expensive as my best suits, so I take utmost care of it. I have never focused on single spots, but if I did, I would hand wash that spot with just a little bit of detergent and follow my normal procedure.


Car suits/nomex: Molecule. Nothing works better yet still maintains the integrity of the product. Have 4 suits and Molecule works best on all of them.

Kart gear: as weird as this sounds I have more recently found myself using tide liquid laundry detergent, the kind without any bleaches. Wash on cold/cold and it’s been working great on my alpinestars suit.

Shoes/helmets: Hard to beat Molecule Refresher. It’s so good we use it in hockey skates, casual shoes, you name it. Insanely good product, 10/10!

Also- everything washed after every day at the track. Letting oils and crap sit in the suits will only trap them in fabrics.

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Bumping this thread, rather than starting a new one. 2 questions for you guys.

  1. Do you clean your rain suit the same as your regular race suit? They are kind of plastic-y, so just curious if there is another/better way to wash/clean.

  2. What is your favorite method of pre-treating a new suit to avoid stains?

  1. What’s a rain suit? :sweat_smile:
  2. Nothing, just stick it on a delicates wash

Molecule is a popular product range used to protect and wash karting suits.

Plus it smells awesome!

I believe 3m have a product that can be used for protection too.

Molecule has their “Protector” formula for pre-treating suits and gear, that works well. I always use Molecule’s range on my suits and they look brand new for years.

Rain suit I just hose it down at the end of the day, nothing fancy.