Suit sizing bias - Tall Driver

I’m trying to find a new suit that fits my body correctly. I’ve heard that the same size from two different companies may fit two different ways, so I’d like to make sure I buy the correct brand. I’m 6’0"/160lbs/32"waist (182cm/73kg/81cm waist). My current OMP suit is a 56 which meets the height criteria, but it’s way too wide. Is there a brand that generally runs a little thin, but doesn’t sacrifice height?

I’m 6’ tall, 165lbs, 30" waist, and I use an Alpinestars size 52. Fits perfectly.

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That’s what I was leaning towards. Thank you!

I had to order a custom fit. Was only a little more that the original suit, but I do not think all retailers offer that service. May have to go through a distributor.

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6’1 and 175 here. I had to go 56. Shoulders and lengths are perfect. Waist has a lot of room left in it. I’m on the fence to get it tailored or just wait until I buy something custom.