Super ROK?

Does anyone have any information on the Super ROK compared to the ROK GP. I know the Super ROK is older but i can’t find any information on it anywhere. I bought a 2016 Birel RY30 S8 and it has a super ROK on it. So far everything seems just fine with it but I’d like to educate myself on the motor. Is it possible to sell it and upgrade to the GP? TIA

I had a Super ROK. The PVL block is different(mapping). Super ROK has about 2hk more than ROK GP, and takes 16k rpm’s

I’m only a club driver , but it was a nice powerful motor, very well built.
I did 12 hours on the top end before rebuild, and the parts was still looking nice when my mechanic took it apart. After 8 hours on my x30, the piston don’t look that nice

Thanks for that reply! I actually just ran my first club race and it went okay. I was told that the main differences are the carb and the coil but the piston and crank are all the same. My carb and coil was upgraded so they consider me a ROK gp now.

The super ROK coil gives 2-3hk more vs. ROK gp coil

Hey @Jhanna08 ,
The Super Rok PLV was number 500211 and the power valve was this one.

Does it match with yours?

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Hey @AdrianoM,
Yes that is the power valve that was on mine. However I switched it to the newer ROK GP style. I dont know if that hurt or helped to be honnest

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