Super X30 advice needed

So after my race at Mariembourg I decided to by an used 2 stroke kart for fun. Coming from KF2, the owner of the place recommended me to buy a Super X30 he has for sale but I am unsure that engine is great. I am not looking to race it.

Did somebody here try it ? Is it any good ?

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I have the same questions and interest! Anyone who used to run on X30 Super could shed some light?

Lemans Track Lap Times by Engine type

X30 Senior|54.770|
OKJ. |52.883|
X30 shifter|52.245|
X30 Super|52.197|
OK. |50.746|

Tanguy chooses second fastest 2-stroke package. For economy purposes…:thinking:

Wow did not expect the OK to be that much faster. What’s the weight for the x30

Or are there other variables at play here?

Last Iame international competition with X30 Super is dated back in 2018. This engine class is not used in International competitions anymore.
All data above with X30 data was retrieved from here:

The OK data is recently and the FIA OK weight is 145kg while X30 senior runs with 155 kg.

Probably the tyres being softer

I don’t believe the X30 Super ever made it to the USA in any significant numbers. I have never seen one.

While the Super’s power is interesting, it is tougher driving engines that is no longer supported from a parts supply pov. Also when I go to the track for practice days, I look for people driving with similar engines / performance to “run with”. The Super might be in a league of it own.

Just my 2 cents.

I think this is the best youtube video on X30 Super.

They ain’t kidding around with that one, are they?

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