Supercharged 2024 League 1

Hey! Was hoping I could get an invite to the discord? Unfortunately, I can’t join the league as I work both Wednesday & Thursday nights but hoping I can stay connected for anything in the future.

Hey sure, although it hasn’t really flourished since I have been lame but for sure. We do some chit chat and plan stuff like enduros etc…

Will (race director) mentioned a Facebook group, lemme get you that info.

Pm me your email and I’ll send discord invite.

Perfect, Sending a pm now

It seems the decision to do weds/thurs as opposed to Tues/weds doesn’t work as well. Hoping that they continue tweaking this.

Hey, @DavidSera will be at United Karting!..

Also, I do enjoy their rental league… they do adult races Sunday night from 7-8:30 and have open rental sessions from 2pm to 6pm. The junior race is at 6pm.

So, since it’s at Baltimore airport, which is 3hrs drive for me, I’ll make a day of it and go do a bunch of rental
Sessions followed by the race. Home by 11:30pm.

Good fun and a great track! I strongly recommend this facility for my fellow Superchargers!

Here’s a typical race in the rentals on a fine Sunday night:

They also have baby rotaxes:

Deets on league: