Supernats viewing

So how does one stay abreast of the happenings at Supernats? Is there a way to watch practice and the races?

Have a good breath of social media helps. Some years Kart360 or someone will stream the races too.

So racemonitor is showing it live under “live timing”. Just watched a heartbreaking finish to masters heat 2.

Oh interesting that SKUSA are using race monitor again. They also have a “SKUSA” app that’s based on Race Hero.

EKN will have the most content in terms of live play-by-plays.

Where can I find the video live stream for Sunday?

It was on facebook last year. You could either go to the skusa page where it was streaming or (if you have a facebook app on your tv) search skusa and it would come up.

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I have been tracking a couple local drivers on racehero. One of the micro swift guys lives about 1/4 mile from me.

Looks like TJ had some problems in qualifying, he was in the top of the charts in practice but qualified 24/41.

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I watched an EKN interview this morning that stated the races would be live streaming on SKUSA’s Facebook page. I see no mention of this elsewhere but I hope it to be true.

I did listen to the EKN audio stream yesterday some.

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Sure did. A tire pressure miscalculation and lots of traffic… Data shows i was as quick as Ramsey but I just hit traffic at the wrong time. Long day ahead!


Oh it’s true alright. Sunday only. It’ll be on SKUSA’s Facebook page for sure. Greenlight TV are producing it so you can expect something really good.

Some times its luck more than skill. Hopefully you make it through the weekend clean.

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Vlog from Davey Hamilton jr.

Enjoyed the coverage today. Bummer for TJ I was literally cheering out loud when he went to 4th and was expecting a great race from there.


Yeah, not gonna lie, I turned it off once he was out :smile:

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SKUSA needs to figure out how to run more Main Events in the evening. That was really enjoyable to watch Pro Shifter run their Main under the lights. (Billy Musgrave with the clear visor, eyes focused down the straight…)

Under the lights adds a great dimension I agree. As a racer it’s so much fun too.

I’m guessing it’s more of a logistical challenge than anything. Many staff leaving that evening to get back to work on Monday… things like that.

It would be mega cool to have the senior classes under the lights though for sure.

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That’s what I was thinking, being on Sunday, everything is run in the day so everyone can go back to work/school (you notice how they run all of the junior classes first, so they can all catch flights/drive back for school tomorrow?).

Maybe they can shift the entire week forward one day, (start on Tuesday, finish on Saturday Night). But then again, that’s an extra day off many would need to take, and that would make things tougher for some.

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You should have kept watching. It was a hell of a race!

We had 3 midwestern drivers fighting for the lead! I was absolutely gutted when the Californian guy won (along with TJ getting taken out from 4th place) but it was an awesome race to watch. The single speed races always seem to make for great shows on Super Sunday.

My only consolation was that at least an American won over those Australians :wink: