Surface Shield for Rust Prevention is better than WD-40

So I had an issue over the winter with severe rusting on my axle and exhaust pipe having to take an abrasive pad and wd40 to both of them almost twice a week with rust forming almost overnight, even after coating in wd40. so i went on a mission to find the best rust preventer, and after talking to my uncle, who ran his own chemical company for many years, showed me B’laster Surface Shield. It’s an undercoating for automobiles, but it works on any metal surface and is safe on plastic, paints, rubbers, pretty much everything. He said he used it on his firearms and pretty much anything metal he didn’t want rusted. so I gave it a try to test it out before i showed anyone else and i can gladly say it has worked phenomenally so far.

This is my axle after 3 weeks! not a spot of rust anywhere on the axle, which was normally covered in rust after 2 days. it dries pretty much to the touch if using a light coat and applying with a rag, a heavier coat might leave a slick feeling. but anyways, just wanted to help out anyone else struggling with this problem.

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would be curious if it makes removal more difficult.

it doesn’t have any chemical properties that would result in difficult rust removal. it is used for car undercoating and you spray it over an already rusted surface unless ur car is brand new. but it has not allowed any rust to form so i can’t test that

Im talking about removal of the axle. Not of rust.

understood, haven’t tried to remove the axle. however any type of cleaner completely removes the surface shield.

Based on the product SDS it looks like a blend of Mineral Oil, Petroleum Jelly, Lanolin & Wool Wax. Shouldn’t offer any resistance to removal - quite the opposite, probably.



This is good stuff!

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very, by far the best rust prevention product i have ever used.

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Where did you find it? I’ve not seen it with other B’laster products at big box stores.

Harbor freight actually carries it, not sure where else. i’ve never had to search for it.

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amazing! i have this same issue soooooo bad. just ordered. thanks!

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glad to help! update me and let me know if you get the same results