Survey: Where do you get your karting news and other content?

Wondering where you get your karting news…What websites, FB pages, groups etc etc.
I’m a bad example as I really just hang out here :smiley:

Here’s a list of websites that I have in notes… (They’ve been quiet of late though) AKA @Alan_Dove

Thinking more about it, although not “news” perse, I do try to stop by once in a while.

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There’s no karting news any more so I don’t check anything. I check the Karting UK Facebook group now and again and here obviously.

To be honest I spend most my time looking at the historic karting groups. Every week there’s some mad post about a random event I’d never heard of on some streets with no run-off and actual spectators :slight_smile:

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EKN for news news, kp for rest. Reddit for lols.

Just KP! not much news

Pretty much - this is it. Reddit or FB now and then - but nothing in depth there.

KP and IG, nothing else really. I’ll watch the odd race in yt

You guys aren’t looking deep enough!

Europe has great content if your looking to dig a little bit.

T Kart Magazine , Vroom , Kart Mag

Tkart has great content including technical, gear reviews and other karting content albeit they are poorly translated articles. But solid content!

Does it still have that crappy webapp and lame pay wall?
I got a subscription a few years ago and the web app was so bad none of the magazines downloaded. Waste of money.

I believe they updated the app about a year ago?
The way TKart paygate every single article is pretty annoying. For that reason I never click on their content because I know I won’t see the full article.

I’d be more likely to click and eventually signup if it was a bit more of a lottery for the pay gated stuff :joy:

But it’s their prerogative, their content and their subscription model to decide.

I took a quick look yesterday, seems like Tkart’s articles are a little deeper and more interesting than when I last looked. The article about unusual frames is pretty extensive, enjoyed that.

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Added some links to media websites that I have in notes to the original post…

we are aware of all these, I’ve written for two of em :slight_smile:

Vroom I’ve always felt were sound guys… tKart less said the better I think

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Some people in the US might not be, especially weekend warriors… Which reminds me I’m missing a site from the list.