Suspicious X30 tryton carb behaviour/settings

I just realized the article from EC doesnt seem to cover adjusting the Popoff… hmm

You have a few options to change popoff. In order of preference…

  1. Swap out the spring.
  2. Compress the spring.
  3. Clip coils from the spring.
  4. Manipulate the fulcrum lever.
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yeah, I already changed the gaskets last week before going to the track the first time this season here in Finland. Last week we had nice and sunny 15deg C spring weather and today morning we had 5cm of snow :grimacing: so no hurry now. I ordered a new set of gaskets, needle and seat, std spring and also two other springs that was said to be medium and soft. So now i will have different setups to test the different popoff andto find out if and where the issue is.

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@KartingIsLife when Dezzer is adjusting the lever at 7.45, is this what changes the pop off?

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Do report back the difference in springs

From Dezzer at power republic

Yeah 10 pop off is good to go for X30. There are different weight springs you can buy. Otherwise cut or stretch the spring to suit. Maybe buy some spares so you can learn by experiment

Is the ISEnet version still the go-to one? It hasn’t been updated in a few years, unlike the jetlabs one.
Descriptions make it seem like they are the same thing?

I’m not sure to be honest, I have my doubts. The ISE net app still doesn’t take into account the non adjustable exhaust length which makes me wonder if carb settings it gives are optimum, considering exhaust length setting is ignored.

Ballistic solutions app has 1 piece exhaust configuration selectable

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