Swift Mag LV vs. CompKart Factory DF Freeline Mag Wheels?

Thank you in advance. I’m sorting out wheels for a cadet kart and I’ve exhausted Google trying to find the differences in these wheels. I have a spare set of Swift’s from when we were running an OTK, but we’ve since switched over to a CompKart. Are these the same size? Will they feel close enough to the same than a second year, 11y/o would even notice the difference if one was the race vs. practice wheels.

The CompKart/Freeline is solid, Swift is spoked. Both are magnesium. The offset is the part where I’ve struggled the most though. I’ve found online that the Swifts have a 50mm offset for the 130mm wheels. I measured the CompKart/Freeline this morning at 50mm as well. I’ve been told to just get a second set of CompKart/Freeline wheels, but these Swift’s are brand new. I’d much rather spend $500 on coaching or track time.

I found this (Kart Wheels Explained) which gives good information for novices like myself about the differences in feel, but without actually mounting them I can’t get a definitive “yes I can tell the difference” from the kid. But without making sure they are the same size, I’m not comparing apples.

Any help with clarifying if these are actually the same size/dimensions, and if a novice/intermediate kid can tell the difference would be appreciated. Thanks!

Wheel construction is a super fine adjustment. Most experienced drivers can’t feel the difference, let alone a second year kid. I wouldn’t sweat it until you’re competing at the front regionally/nationally. Like you said, that money could be much better spent on coaching or track time.


Thank you. That was my thought around the feel.

Am I missing anything around the sizing? 130mm wheels with 50mm offset (unless somebody else is aware of different) for both.

The wheels I recommend are the TopKart magnesium wheels that MondoKart sells for 130E per set. They’re tough to seat the bead on but are really, really good in hot weather.

Paging @Paul_Montopoli since (I assume) he wrote that article on AMV’s website.

A bit of an update. I had a chance to talk with FDM about it a little bit ago. The rears apparently have a substantial offset difference than the standard Swift wheels. Assuming I know how to use digital calipers correctly and after measuring them multiple times, the fronts are the same.

Given the kid isn’t likely to notice the difference between wheel type, which ones we run as race wheels will likely come down to which are lighter.

I did write the article.

I agree with TJ‘s point of view. A second yr driver is not gonna notice the difference between different wheel types. Save your money and use what you have.

The DF‘s will have more grip than the Swift wheels if they are a knock off on the OTK MXC.

I had a local MINI driver recently who would use Tigers and 3Fs interchangeably without noticing any difference. That is going to be about the same difference between a DF and an MXC.

I’m finishing my first year karting and I’m in the market for a second set of rims for slicks.

Should I get another set of MXJs?

Something like this Mondo kart special:

Which I think is the Top kart time mentioned by @Charles_Kaneb


Or - on sale(!):


MXJs suck, I wouldn’t get a set. They overheat so fast and don’t feel stiff at all. There’s almost no situation where MXJs are the ideal wheel.

If you already have MXJs, I would be looking at AMV or MXCs for a better higher performance wheel. Happy with my AMV 3Fs but defer to @Paul_Montopoli on what he would suggest for your situation.

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If you are first year karting, don’t spend a ton on new wheels. Get something that matches the offset of the wheels you have and has the same basic wheel design.

The Mondo wheels you showed are probably ok but see what your local shop has.

The Swift LV wheels look like a copy of the Douglas LV wheel, which are going to have pretty similar characteristics to the Freeline DF. For your application I’d treat them as interchangeable aside from any offset differences. If they are the same as Douglas then both wheels you have will be 50mm offset.

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I like the 163 E TopKart wheels on MondoKart, but that’s because my next kart will have two identical sets of wheels so that I don’t have to scramble to mount tires at the same time that the rest of my team is between morning warmup and qualifying.

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