SWS E-Kart sprint cup

New category for SWS

I think they had to do it looking at the numbers of indoor kart centers, I hope there will be an E category at the world finals too.

Interesting! I will be curious to see what their electric rental race rental looks like.


Basically it’s the same ‘normal’ electric rental, but the organization can set the speed/power rating with a few touches of an iPad screen.

So you’d have like a license system, give those competent racers and SWS drivers all the beans but your walk ins only whatever % you want. Pretty neat.

“Benefiting from the new patented EASY DRIVE ® technology, the RSX2 offers an unequalled driving comfort.”

Well sign me up. :racing_car:

LED headlights! This is exciting stuff. Rental karts keep getting lighter and cooler.

They say 1hr at “normal” speed.

You know how when you put freshly charged batteries in a light it’s brightest for a few minutes? I wonder how rental kart electric power falls off. Are we gonna all be plugging in between heats? Most likely.

You can also program that button on the wheel to be a boost button, like you can set the karts for a race to run at 90% for example and give each kart a total of x seconds of boost for the session or per lap to 100%

The Sodi guys tell be it’s pretty constant until maybe 20% charge then it drops quick - edit: because of the battery architecture it keeps a good constant. The motor power comes from only the primary battery, the secondary battery keeps the primary fully charged, only when the secondary is depleted do you start to see a drop off. Remains to be seen, yeah they’ll be plugged in between heats I’d say. a 10 minute heat recharges back to full in 10 minutes or less, so long as the primary and secondary batteries are swapped over monthly there’s no battery memory issues.

I like the push to pass idea. Should make last lap battles strategic.

Also, I’ve only done 1 electric race but it seems to me that parity is easier to accomplish with electrics.

Yes very. There is an optional little box that basically lets you tell the kart your driver weight then each kart does some magic that makes each one in the heat have the same net power. The Sodi guys do say though it’s really not worth it, there’s so much torque pulling out of the corners that weight makes very little difference to lap times