T-shirt thread. Throw em up

Rough idea. Will throw up stuff. Plz join in. Actual artists might do better with some of the ideas.


I had this one made earlier this year, need more because they shrunk more than expected. That or I grew more :joy:.


If anyone needs kp logos, I have some.

Here’s a dump from “shitty shirt ideas” spreadsheet. It’s a brain dump from the last couple of years, ignore typos etc.

Admittedly very few are original and could be reworded for most hobbies.

My thought was to have a single (or maybe a handful) of designs and roll them out with different phrases.

I left the go kart track to be here (be nice)
I (heart) karting
#1 kart dad
#1 kart mom
Vote Karting
I’d rather be at the gokart track
Karting dictionary explanation
Full Send mode on
Not professional gokart racer
Some take drugs, some people drink bottles, I solve my problems by mashing the throttle
[Gokart Noises]
Keep calm and kart on
Can’t be trusted at the race track
Karting est 1956
The circle of karting
Tuning advice loading, please wait
Karting: Creating legends since 1956
Kart vs shopping cart
Karting, straight outta money
Will work for fresh tires
Life is short, buy the racing kart
Camber is the only form of negativity in my life
Inhale two stroke, exhale negativity, namaste
Karting, turning money into smoke since 1956
Life begins at 10,000 RPM
Roll low, go fast.
Unsolicited tuning advice loading, please wait
“”“I Can’t, I’m at the kart track that weekend”“”
I’m the friend with the gokart
Legalize Gokarts
Dont suck
Find me at the kart track
things I do in my spare time
“Make karting ““phrase”” again: Podless, lit, mint, fast, light, edgy, amazing, rev, for adults”
introverted but willing to talk about gokarting, racing, motorsports etc
I’m the tuner, to save time, let’s just assume always I’m right
(Non) professional kart racer
Crashing your gokart. 0/10 would not recommend
“”“People who move in beside a racetrack and complain”" 0/10 would not reccomend. "
Instant smiles, just add gasoline (or two stoke mix). Could be just text or text + gokart pic
I do my own stunts. Words only or upside down kart or kart headed to ramp or kart on two wheels
You can go to hell, I’m going karting
I feel a gokart race coming on
Two stroke and burnt rubber
Need money for gokart part
Haynes manual gokart style
Eat, sleep, COMPETE, repeat
Eat, sleep, DOMINATE, Repeat
Born for speed (karting themed)
Race\Kart hard or stay home
0-100 real fast (or a more creative iteration) shifter kart
Trailers don’t win races… but they sure are comfortable if you loose
Yeah I’m here, but I’d rather be gokarting
Can we go kart racing now?
It looks like I’m paying attention but really I’m just thinking about gokarting
Is my gokart OK (upside down
Just send it
Karting girls rock
Love it when my wife lets me gokart
Karting girls kicking ass and taking names.
Fast as ***k
Trust me, km a raving driver
I would but I’m Karting racing that day
Life is short. Buy the gokart
Life is short. Send it
Pro karting champion - parent
If you can read this i was forced against my will
I do my own stunts… flipped kart
Born to race go karts. Forced to go to school\work
Upside down. Is my helmet paint ok? (Helmet pain job)
I can’t my daughter/son has a race that day
I can’t I’ll be at the track that day
Car vs kart. Not built for Racing | Purpose built for racing
Easily distracted by gokarts
sorry I can’t I have to race my gokart (or I have a gokart race)
Sorry i can’t I have to work on my gokart
If karting was easy they’d call it football
If karting was
If karting was easy they’d call it car racing
I like gokarts and maybe three people (tuner, engine builder and dad/mom)
Straight outta money because karting
Eat, bang gears, drink beers
Freedom and gokarts. (All I wanna hear about)
The fondest memories are made at the gokart track
“”“Keep briggin”" a pun on keep diggin"
Race weekend are my favorite family reunions.
Karting: five out of five stars, would recommend
Tuning the kids kart. 0/5 stars. Would not recommend
I could, but I’m racing that day
I could but in karting that day
Pretty okay at race driving
Pretty OK at karting
Pretty okay at gokarting
Pretty Ok at tuning
Pretend pro kart racer (or pretend pro test with gokart image)
Always be drafting pic of karts drafting pic of draft beer
Do laps not drugs
I’m the friend with the gokart/racing kart
Evolution of karting, one kart for each decade
Kart vs Cart. Shopping cart vs kart.
Racing for kids vs racing for adults
Gokarting Christmas sweater
The more I get to know people, the more I like gokarts.
My plan for the day: Coffee Karting Beer


I’m personally fond of Warren’s saying which is very KartPulse:


This has legs… vintage karting photo or some such.
Along these lines maybe



Peter Tosh. A go kart. A cannabis leaf.

Ok fine. But you have to crash less then.

Drinking team with a racing problem!


Vintage Chris Livengood:

“Have you considered sucking less?”

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Hey that’s cool! Way to AI!

how do i get one of these lol.

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I think we have them on our team Printful store, but that’s with our team logo on the front. I think I could make a general one, but not sure what to put on the front or could even leave it blank I suppose.

if you made a public link or pm’d me i’d defiinitely buy one even if it has the team logo. That stuff is cool!

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First time doing this, let me know if it works.


sure did!

Thanks Ricky!

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Throw the shifter on there with just the words shift happens.

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Cool team tshirt! :checkered_flag::100::100:

Please Stand BACK!
Chassis Whispering Session
In Progress.

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Something like this but with a kart. Maybe make fun of people who race cars by having a car before the kart

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The stages of man…

What walks on four legs in the…