Taken by the man the myth, the legend himself! - Free Wheel Stand and Seat Frame - Pickup in Onamia MN

My wife said “Get this out of my spare room… NOW!”, so I’m giving the KP MN Sim racers first crack at this before I post it on the iRacing MidWest forum:

Pickup only in Onamia MN 56359 (about 1.5 hours north of the Twin Cities)

APEX Steering Wheel Stand
Premium Steel framework with X frame Design
Maximum stability and strength for more powerful wheels
Multi-Adjustable frame
Easy to fold and store in seconds
Comes packaged with Apex gear shifter mount which can be mounted on the left or right
Compatible with all major wheels and pedals. Pre-Drilled for Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec equipment.

Apex Rear Seat Frame
Fully compatible with most standard racing seats. Easy to build and attach to the Apex wheel stand, you’ll be race ready in minutes! The frame is fabricated with heavy duty steel, and finished with a sleek black powder coating.

Wheel stand and seat frame only (no seat, wheel, or pedals are included).

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Em, I’m up for a road trip! I think I still have some of the parts I bought from you like a decade ago.

Cool; I’ll PM you my address. :+1:

I wanna see your rig, Warren!

Well Dom, since you’re the guy who hung out in the schoolyard, gave me a free sample (wheel and pedals), and got me hooked on this stuff, I guess I have to :grinning::

Accuforce Direct Drive wheel base
Fanatec: Formula wheel, V3 pedals, & shifter
3x27" Viotek 144hz monitors + a Samsung Odyssey VR headset
DOF Realilty X,Y, YAW motion platform + bungee mounted 5-point belts.
4-channel base shakers (2 under the pedals & one on either side of the motion frame).
i5 based computer (OCed to 4.0ghz) and an RTX2080 graphics card

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Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet rig! I am rather jealous of the motion system (and the DD).

The issue I seem to be having is the volume of laps I do.I think I need industrial grade products. This stuff keeps breaking on me.

I did however, get a proper monitor to go along with the vr and bought the 80/20 mount for it.

Also, I jumped on this: this is a $500 bass shaker called a Clarke synthesis platinum. I got it for 175 on ebay. Some dude had 25 of them in the floor of his amusement park.

I gotta hook this up and see how it differs.

@speedcraft hey I am buying your same steering wheel from Justin Dittrich.

My concern is the shifter paddles. I have the mclaren and the paddles are actually sort of painful. How are the flappy paddles on this wheel?

Also, width. The mclaren is very wide. Does this feel appropriately sized?

@Bimodal_Rocket If you’re talking about just the ‘formula’ wheel with the yellow/blue button surrounds, and not the wheel base, I really like the wheel; size seems appropriate, paddles are good… not the fancy magnet ones, but I don’t need that for ~$150 more. There are a lot of controls built in, like the 7-position joystick. I used JoytoKey to configure that as a mouse; it’s nice to have mouse control right there on the wheel when in VR. I would recommend for sure.

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Oh in case anyone is curious, I’m up to 6 shakers now and angling for 8, total. Plan is to get better shakers for the front, initially. The BK gamer 2 are nice for a starter but they really don’t have the ooomph needed.

The pricier units that have wider range are indeed better. The Clark platinums I got reproduce from 5-200mhz. This goes well into audible. In driving, this isn’t an issue as simhub regulates the range. However, I have discovered it’s a lot of fun plugging speakers in and playing normal video games with the shakers going. The wider range of the Clarks is a bunch of fun with destiny and the like.

Here’s where we are currently:

Now check this guys rig out. I have miles and miles to go before my rig is in the big leagues.