Tall driver issue, advice needed!

Hiya, I am looking for some much needed advice before I take my kart to the track. I am 6 foot tall (closer to 6 foot 1) and slim build, I have a 2009 tony kart evx running an old style tkm bt82. My problem is that I don’t seem to sit comfortably in the kart, my legs are bent and too close to the steering wheel and my arms look out of place compared to others, I have tried moving the seat back but this is what I feel to be the furthest I can seem to get it without effecting the kart. I don’t exactly want to have to buy a new seat but I have heard that jecko seats are better for tall people, I am also looking into getting a longer steering column as the one I have is 470mm and ones like a 510 or 550 might be better, but I was not sure on if this would be a good idea as it would move the steering wheel higher but it might effect my arm positioning as you can see they are already close to the engine, hence why I came here for advice. The pedals are as far forward as they go and I am not keen on getting a front porch for the kart! Advice and setup tips would be much appreciated, if anymore info is needed then feel free to ask. Photos attached!

Find some shoes with no/lower soles. If you dont want to buy racing shoes, then get some old wrestling shoes from goodwill or a used sporting goods store. Anything to get your feet further out. Also, try it without the heal rest. I put my heels right on the front hoop. Both of these things will get your knees down and your legs away from the steering wheel. If none of these work, I think the longer steering shaft is your best option.

Agree with this advice, you can buy Puma driving shoes low top online with discount for like $20. Which is what I race in they work great.

Thanks for the advice! I have some racing shoes just haven’t worn them when I have sat in the kart so that’s my bad, I will try without the heel rests as well.

At 6’1” you shouldn’t have any issues I feel. How’s it scale.

Probably can move the seat back some. Also move the pedals further forward can likely move the foot rest further forward to help accommodate. I’m the same height and don’t have any issues getting my legs to extend more.

Thanks for the response, I will look into these, by move the pedals forward did you mean the angle of them? As they don’t seem to go any further forward, I am new so it might be something I’m missing!

Yes, Lindsay means angling them more forward. You can use this bolt/stop to change the angle of their fully returned location. Then just change your throttle cable length or adjust your brake rod. I like mine so far forward that they almost hit the front bumper when fully pressed.

As you can see I have a much more relaxed position. And I’m also 6’1”

Edit. Noticed in your photo you have your heels back. Toes forward. You will drop your knee height quite a bit but pushing your heels up to the heel bar. Which will make you want to move the pedals forward to be more natural position of foot.

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Ok great, I will change the angle of these!

Thanks for the explanation. I will take out the heel rest and move the pedals forward to a more natural position, that with the longer steering column I think will fix my issue!

I am 6’2” , all legs, and drive a OTK. You can move the heel stop forward by swapping the spacers that are currently in front of the bar to be behind the bar. That will move it towards the front of the kart. I wouldn’t recommend taking it out completely. I tried that and I had zero way to brace myself in the kart. My feet would bounce around over bumps and curbs often too. I just have the rest as far forward as I could get it which puts it even with the front frame tubing.

Definitely use the pedal stop adjustment bolt to push the pedals forward. You may need to adjust the throttle cable afterwards. Also, you might need a longer brake rod.

If all that fails, I’ve been told that the Birel Kart front porch extension can be modded to the OTK kart without too much issue. I have not tried this yet but I am considering it soon. My knees are out of the way of my hands but they fall outward around corners because I can’t properly brace myself. Super jealous of the short guys with their legs flat!!

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An angled steering wheel hub will help a ton too, particularly if you go to a 490mm shaft.

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I’m 6’9"…tell me about it.

Like the others said. Flip the heel stop bar so it bends away from you and swap the spacers from in front of the stop bar to between the stop bar and the mounting block.

You can also angle the seat back a bit to drop your shoulders more and give a little more distance between your torso and wheel.

A longer steering shaft with a wedge spacer between the wheel and shaft will feel more comfortable. Also you can flip the upper steering shaft support block to shift the wheel as far forward as possible.

Buy an elbow pad for your right arm. You’re going to need it.

Once you have your knees down below the wheel, you can start making adjustments to the pedals to fit comfortably. Because your knees will still be bent, you will want to have the resting position of the pedal ahead of your heel stop. This willl allow a more natural angle for you foot to rest without putting pressure on the pedals when not depressed (i.e. dragging brake or accidently blipping the throttle when cornering). Throttle side is fairly easy, just adjust the cable length. Brake side may require a different brake rod or adding an extension.

By the time you spend all the money and effort, you could have just gotten yourself a Front Porch Kit for the same or less. CRG also makes one that is pretty universal and comes with everything you need to move the pedals forward.

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Ok I will do this! Yeah me too.

Will get one of these too :+1:

Great, I will make sure all of this is done, if not then I will look into the porch, thanks :+1: