Tape across laptimer display

Hi, after watching several vids of drivers, pro and amateurs. Ive noticed alot have tape across their laptimer display… Only showing what id think to be current laptime (last lap)
Anyone know why they do this? And what they hide/show?
Think the last i saw was Norbert doing this :blush:

I used to do that when I was driving in Junior, mainly because I was getting distracted looking at my laptimes

Usually to keep the driver from being distracted by looking at it constantly.

Norberg does this in some of his videos to keep RPM and EGT confidential.

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Ohhh secret stuff… Damn, i thought there was a more learning reason :slight_smile:

Some do it for their YouTube vids to keep EGT, RPM ect hidden.

I did on the kids laptimer when he started to drive to keep him focused on driving, if he has a bad day i some times do it so he dont focus on laptime while driving, and it tends to work out for him

Seems like a method might work in general. Im starting in a new class, maybe i should implement this from the start, to learn the new kart and engine without focusing too much on laptimes

One of my displays I like to have up is split time differences compared to my best lap, and I find that can be distracting at a certain point, so I find myself often switching that off mid-session.

Good thing our karts don’t look like this…


Good thing they do for us hobbyist sim nerds.

Advanced degree required

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