Team Mechanic Wanted

Our rookie team, Defacto Racing, is on the lookout for a mechanic extraordinaire to join us on the track for the 2004 Texas Sprint Racing Series (TSRS) and a couple of pre-season sessions.

We’re not just looking for any mechanic; we need someone who’s more of a mentor, guiding our young drivers and letting them get their hands dirty! Our head technician’s role is more about wisdom than wrenching, ya know?

We’re throwing out the checkered flag for someone who’s not from around our neck of the woods, with killer data analysis skills, and a knack for OTK equipment setup.

Quick details about Defacto Racing: we’ve got 5 speed demons on board – 3 KA100 Seniors, 1 KA100 Master, and 1 Honda Kid Kart.

If you’re up for the challenge, practices will be going down in the Houston, TX area. And hey, we’re not just asking for your skills; we’re throwing in your fee, airfare, hotel digs, and even some grub to keep you fueled up!

Slide into our DMs if you’re ready to hit the road with Defacto Racing!

Have you looked into joining one of the teams that supports the series? I’m sure there is tent space out there, but would also expect there are plenty of capable individuals that could fill your needs. I will point out though that the MOST capable of these people already have their own teams (Jake French as an example) or are already dedicated to a specific driver/team (Tim Lobaugh might be a good example here).

Good luck with your search! I would have gladly interviewed 10 years ago before family mode kicked in :joy:

Hey, Evan! Thanks for chiming in.
I have looked into the tent space option but it is not our thing. I am trying to build a small team from the ground up, so I am open to the idea of growing with our mechanic or having someone who only wants to do this part-time and loves the sport.
I’ve know about both Jake French, Tim Lobaugh, and many others who are great at what they do but are committed.

We will not be considering national racing for the KA100 drivers. We will probably get under a tent for our 5-year-old boy in the Honda class.

Since you mentioned “family mode”, we might even consider that our mechanic’s son/daughter race with us as a family incentive!

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Very compelling! I hope this search works out for y’all.

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Hey Charles!

I have some people in mind for this but need a little more information. If you haven’t already found the perfect fit yet, DM me, and I can try to match one of a couple folks that spring to mind.

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Thank you, Eric. I just PMd you.

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