Teams in Indiana/Illinois?

Hey y’all!

I just moved to the Illinois/Indiana area. I have ambitions to push to higher level of races in the future, looking for a good team for some help to really hone my driving skills in. Any teams or contacts you guys know?

So far the teams that I know:
Adreneline Fix

Please keep me informed!



New Gen at Whiteland.

Cool! Are they based in new castle or some other track? Do they do KA more or 206 more?

They are located at Whiteland Raceway Park in Whiteland, IN. They do everything from Kid karts to KA100

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I know you said team but also mentioned coaching. Are you looking for one over the other?

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Yea exactly. Someone that can give me insights on what I am doing wrong.

Highly recommend New Gen. The do coaching, arrive and drive, and more. Probably the most reasonable price you’ll find, too.

We will be doing it at CW Kart USA next year, but we’re not quite ready to launch that portion yet.

Top team in the Indiana/Illinois area MPG Motorsports. Solid results at the top level, support with USPKS, Stars, and Route 66 and really strong in the KA100 category. Not the cheapest but a great deal for what you’re getting from the program.

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