Tent / Canopy etiquette for the paddock

I was wondering if there is any etiquette around setting up a tent / canopy in the paddock. For example, a minimum or maximum size, or is it anything goes?

Ideally, I’d get a “family” canopy for camping, beach, picnics, etc… and also use it for shade when karting. The style I had in mind is something like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07JQFDP24

Basically, a 10x10 with awnings off to the side that extend to a 13x13 footprint. I’ve never seen something like this in the paddock, everyone’s seems to be the standard “square” type with no overhang. So, would I be the schmuck with the camping tent intruding on other people’s space, or would this be ok?

Some tracks will have specific bays, others will be a free for all, some will be a mix. Best to check your local track and see what they say. It’s not like it’s a big tent you wanna put up by the looks of it either.

I think the reason most people go with the block style (no overhang) is because it is easier to expand. For example, you and a couple of buddies want to share resources, but you can’t all fit under one 10x10 tent. Using the block style tents, the legs can butt up next to each other and be secured together. You can’t do that with tents that overhang. Additionally, with many of the block style tents, there are zip in sides/doors available. This can be handy in foul weather.

I have seen many of the racers at my two local tracks doing this.

The “13x13” one I linked is actually a 10x10 base, only the canopy is wider, so the same sidewall should work (velcro’d at the top). But what you said about chaining multiple together makes sense.