Terrifying 100 KPH Brake Failure Crash at Orlando Kart Center

Prepare for adrenaline overload! Witness the heart-stopping moment when a driver experiences a brake failure at 100 KPH at Orlando Kart Center. :rocket: Hold your breath as chaos ensues in this nail-biting short video. Don’t miss it!

How is the driver and what failed?

Looks like driver error. Seems to be off balance a bit from previous and then his right front goes over inside kerbing. Kart gets upset and basically goes sideways into barrier. Maybe brakes died at same time?

It’s been a bit since I first saw this. Not sure if the fella got hurt or concussed as previously suggested.

That’s definitely brake failure. There’s no deceleration, he’s going like Mach 10 into a 30 mph corner.

This post feels like a bot post though.


That was exactly my thought. The video is from over a year ago, and nobody talks like that in normal conversation. Feels like a bot making a promotional post for Facebook or Instagram

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Yup, written like a social media clickbait ad. In any case, he was coming in hot to that double right and hitting that curb at turn 1 is not ideal. I treat that section as one big 180 hairpin setting up way left and shooting for my right tires as close as possible to the curbs without jumping them. It’s a momentum section and I try to keep the kart as stable and smooth through there. You can tell he felt that side impact…hopefully he was wearing a rib protector and didn’t suffer any serious injuries :grimacing:

Yeah this is an oldie. Plus this is not terrifying :laughing:. I’ll nuke it later.

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Totally is. It’s been posted a bunch and I also posted it in the racer video thread about 6 months ago.

Well, I mean, he lost his brakes going into turn 1. I don’t think he really got a choice except to come in hot.

“Supposedly”:rofl:…I’d like to think he would’ve had an idea something was wrong with them coming into 11 at the flag pole turn. If they felt like they weren’t working properly, two thumbs up to his commitment to pin it coming onto the straight and sending it :laughing:

All jokes aside, I realize something can go wrong mechanically with a kart in an instant. Again, just hope he wasn’t banged up too bad or that nothing worse happened in that situation.