Test Days Low vs. High Grip

How to go about test days when I want to test my setup for higher grip situations, but the track is never as grippy as race day? I have a couple ideas I want to try to get me those 4 tenths ive been searching for.

You can’t really replicate high-grip situations when there isn’t high-grip available, but what you can do is test out all the different adjustments on your kart and see how they feel and make notes on what you might want to change when the track grips up based on how the kart reacts to those changes.

Or buy a softer set of tires and try that, but I find that using a tire you aren’t racing on is far from perfect.


Can you test on a Monday after a race weekend ?


Usually no, but that’s the only thing I could think of as well so it could be accommodated. I also have heard of people going on track after the races are over. I’ll have to look into that as well.

This happens regularly at NTK after races have concluded for the day. It may not be feasible at a Regional or National race day, but at the club level I would expect it to be possible.